21 Jun 2016


Our values change as we evolve while some values remain the same.
What means much to you now may not mean so much in future. Vice-versa.
Changing values do not necessarily mean moral depravity. 
It may mean a readjustment and a realignment of priorities, belief and change in circumstances.
What you essentially are and the tenets that steer your course in life, those remain the longest, They may even never alter.

Intellectual oppression

Intellectual oppression. This occurs when previous findings and knowledge are lauded, to the extent that along the course of time, end up thrust unto the status of sacred findings, too powerful and too respected ever to be questioned. So much so that others who come after are barred from ever questioning even if they are able to present a valid basis of argument. 

What others are allowed to do is mere regurgitation with no freedom to create their own work. That is the death of innovation and the decline of thought. That is intellectual oppression. 

The founders, discoverers and makers, never meant to oppress. But in their name, oppression is committed. Do not hate the founders, discoverers and makers if it is instead a dogmatic regime empowered to produce generations of compliant scholars while at the same, emplaced in a position of power that exerts intellectual oppression of unparalleled magnitude.

When questioning is done based on logical basis, it breaks the vicious ingrained negativity of intellectual oppression.

The ability to quote is overrated

Do not over value the ability to quote. I’d rather place value on the ability to reason and devise and making do with whatever is within one’s powers within particular circumstances.
It is a poor measure indeed, if a mark of a learned person is reduced to the ability to quote. In that case, anyone of reasonable intelligence, even if one has never been exposed to intellectual pursuits, can be given a set of impressive sounding quotations, commit them to memory and quote them at will in particular social situations. In a world of superficial measures, that person can easily sound learned and important.

20 Jun 2016

End of discontent

To be content means that there isn’t anything that bothers us so much that we cannot sleep at night or that something bothers us so to the extent that we consider ourselves unfulfilled if we do not achieve something that according to our mindset, will make us happy. 

I made a decision to eliminate one form of discontent. For something that is reliant on some other person’s subjective judgement, I leave it all open. What I can control are my own actions, choices and work quality. Other than that, there isn’t much I can do to change another person’s mind which might already be set in the first place. I cannot do much even with my best efforts to overhaul a system that is already flawed in the first place, where its machinations are already stacked against my very best efforts even if I tried to play by the rules. So for not resting my hopes on someone else’s judgement entirely, I do not feel unfulfilled. 

So it may be unheralded, unsung, unknown to many. Yet it was a herculean effort behind it all before my oeuvre came to be. But I’ve stopped being so bothered about being picked over a bunch of others. I will just let loose on platforms that I choose to disseminate and make my work known.