18 Dec 2014

Ebook publishing pioneer... that's me!

All those years ago I made my first foray into ebooks. Back then people didn't quite know what to make of it or whether it could be workable. Yes it can, ebooks and books coexisting, just like music being downloaded via digital means existing alongside real records. One of my earliest written interviews ever published in The New Straits Times in print form. Recently I found a digital archive of it. Look out for mention of Dominae Primus in the article.

9 Oct 2014

IMPORTANT NOTICE : warning about unauthorised free downloads of my works

Dear All Netizens and Readers,

It has come to my knowledge that several websites have been purportedly offering free downloads of my ebooks available at Kobobooks.com(and its affiliated online stores) and Amazon.com(and its affiliated online stores), based on the cover art displayed.

The formats available range from pdf, txt, kindle, mp3 etc. I have never released anything on mp3, so someone must be stretching one’s imagination a bit too far.

The other readable formats are plausible except that when one attempts to download my titles, instead of the said formats being downloaded i.e. pdf, txt, kindle, mobi, an exe file is readied for download into the receiver device. It is a phishing attempt to infect the receiver device with a virus.

So, my advice to all is if you intend to acquire my ebook titles(under author name ‘Dominae Primus’), please do so legally from Amazon.com, Kobobooks.com and other legal ebook retail sites.

Do not attempt to download free ebooks from any dubious sounding free sites especially those which were recently launched. These are phishing sites that will do you harm and a lot of inconvenience. Most phishing sites masquerading as free ebook download sites commenced operations around the first quarter of 2014.

I am disappointed that some parties are attempting to pass off their nefarious schemes under my name (Dominae Primus) and the online retailers(Kobobooks.com and Amazon.com) that I am associated with. I have no contact with free ebook download sites for my commercially released titles unless stated otherwise.

Only Project Gutenberg hosts 5 non commercial titles of mine which were made available globally since 2003.

Thank you for your understanding. Stay prudent and safe in the cyber highway.

Dominae Primus
Author, Thinker & Occasional Poet

30 Sep 2014

Going strictly by the book runs counter to creativity

When I look through a dictionary or glossary of terminology, I am left amused by the exhaustive store of terminology, definitions and classifications. I think if I were to be tutored to create according to a structured system of definitions and their corresponding patterns, I’d be left too numbstruck to even begin.  A parallel scenario would be that of ‘analysis paralysis’.

Writing did not come to me this way. I read almost anything I could lay my hands on. I could sense the techniques and presentation of concepts inherent in those works without having to pore over their names. In many cases, they had no names because I enjoyed numerous works without any accompanying commentary. I loved word play, I loved the effects of built up expectation and even utter surrender to whatever outcome it may be. What I don’t enjoy is confusion and arrested tempo that interferes with the flow of the story and ultimately the level of enjoyment from the point of view of the audience.

I did not learn to compose prose or poetry by combing through exhaustive studies of plot summaries, chapter studies or poetry appreciation. Even though I had formal training at some point in life during my teens, it was by no means comprehensive of every genre. There was no need to tutor me closely on how to comb through a piece of writing. I knew just from selected examples. If one had a reasonable vocabulary and an acute sensibility of textual nuances, a text study is feasible.
However text study and composition do not come hand in hand. There are those who can drive a fine toothcomb over every work but cannot compose their own works if granted the chances to do so. A critic, well acquainted with terminology, well placed quotations and references may not necessarily be the best composer. The best composer may not be the most competent person to elucidate every principle employed.

When it comes to composition, the most vital is to do. Trust your own judgement, spontaneity and instinct when composing. Be your firmest critic when checking over.

When writing I just do so. In turn I gravitated towards what I liked, what impacted most in my consciousness and I kept those elements in my works.
For fiction, I prefer a visual and witty kind of approach. I see the comic or motion picture in my mind. It then comes to life. If it looks like a play or screenplay, it doesn’t make it lesser than a novel or other literary work. Humour is a different kind of beast. It requires appropriate setting, word choice, build up and release.
For non fiction, whatever comes to mind is presented in a logical manner. I try to balance wit, reality, concepts, life experiences with succinct observation. Not necessarily all at once or in that said order.

So, going strictly by the book, adhering to every literary classification can be off putting and restrictive when the aim of composition is to allow lots of room for creativity, freedom and discovery.  With positive effort, minimal interference or the total absence of interference altogether, something will come out of it. 

25 Sep 2014

Ideas not ethnicity and geographical location.

Contests and call for submissions of creative works with conditions that entries submitted highlight certain aspects of ethnicity or geographical location is something that I find very restrictive, personally.

I leave others who are more inclined to write about ethnic diasporas, ethnic identity crisis in a foreign land, communal politics, relationship dynamics in a cultural context etc.

Why do I find conditions that spell the mention/backdrop of ethnicity/cultural context  imposed by such contests and call for submissions restrictive?
To impose the above stated conditions is to alienate the rest who are not so inclined yet are no less talented.
When in search of a talent pool, the set of conditions may actually be the cause of a low rate of participation.
When in search of talent, don’t try to overly impose. It is counter productive to the aim of seeking out creative persons.
The novelty and air of exoticism wears out all to soon. The endeavour runs the risk of rehashing and reinforcing stereotypes and in its course, pigeonholing the authors as well.

My works are deliberately devoid of too much reliance upon ethnicity or too much emphasis on a particular cultural reference. I don’t wish to rest too heavily upon the ethnic crutch and build a reputation based on that. It crams my style.
The idea moves me first. Not appearance, ethnicity or location.

22 Sep 2014

Smart not smut

No right thinking parent would plan to send a child to be educated just so that the child reinvests that education on a library load of objectionable material. 
You didn’t get sent to school so that you can read, watch or collect works that delve on titillations, perversions and illicit affairs.

Granted that human beings in the formative years have an insatiable curiosity, there is no need to be prudish either. Balance is the key. Being equipped with knowledge means being realistic, practical, with responsibility and awareness of consequences in mind to counter cavalier, self-centred, hedonistic behaviour.

A library of smut and questionable material betrays an unhealthy fixation. Suppose a person enjoys the arts with a theme of questionable behaviour and/or offensive depictions running through them, it leaves room for doubt concerning that person’s interests and sanity.

It is disappointing and misleading when prominence and opportunity are accorded to sensationalist smut that taints the annals of human achievement. It is an affront to
genuine effort dedicated towards work and merit.
When the dust settles, the stark fact is that smut is nothing but dressed up dirt.

Be smart not full of smut.

6 Sep 2014

Social Media messes up the narrative and can be a parasite(A broadside at social media)

The matter with social media, the variety that is highly restrictive on the number of words that you can convey, is a hindrance upon expression which curbs the necessary length required to put across a message that is faithful to the original intent/context. Say too little and its full impact is lost.

The variety which restricts and expects messages to be compartmentalised into one picture frame also compromises the context and impact of the original intent. One picture may not necessarily tell the full story.

On both counts above, it is the disruption of the narrative. The form that builds on start, middle and an end with all its elements like premise, suspense, climax and outcome contained within. Social media that restricts rather than encourages expression and communication subverts the subject matter.
The audience receives only aspects of the full story and not its gist. Even the progression of the narrative is disrupted.

Not everyone has a short attention span. People have the capacity to maintain attention and interest. Even elaborations.

Social media is fragmented. Its users have to clamour and grapple with different platforms to put across the same message from the official channel which may be from the official website and/or weblog. This causes additional workload on its users.

Official channels which are unrestrictive such as a weblog and/or website allow full length elaboration and highlights. Is it not easier to have a mailing list and send periodic updates to your established base of interested persons?  Does it not make sense to encourage people to bookmark the website or weblog page and have them return time and time again? Why should work be repeated unnecessarily?
Why go through so many channels in saying the same thing?

Often, social media postings refer to the source and the links point back to the source. So what’s the use of this extraneous step? Why not let us all go straight to the official website or weblog address? Why bother with so many social media sites? Pick one and stick to it.

The most sociable media I’ve ever encountered is the forum format. You can choose to follow/participate a discussion and join in when time allows it. There is no compulsion or immediacy expected. Warts and all, this is a format that does not impose on its users. Even if arguments or attention grabbing headlines occur, just as in real life, things settle into a measured pace once more.

Social media is different. It is impatient. It expects immediate gratification and/or response. I’ve seen quite a lot of social media that is insincere, flippant, coarse and inane. It’s something that many enterprises and persons, without examining the nature of their dealings and business, have allowed themselves to be misled with the mistaken belief that social media is the key to success/relevance. It isn’t always the case. Examine the history and nature of your dealings. Should it be social media or just simple common sense and human touch? Did social media bring you the success that you enjoy today?

Social media thrives on trends. Whoever is popular is king. The popular ones generate interest, followers and are able to attract the attention of advertisers who wish to employ such popular figures to popularise their wares. Nothing based on social media is sustainable.  It is short term and unfaithful. It owes no one anything. It is a parasite that feeds on popularity and shallow mindsets, that popular is best and knows best. Once popularity fades, social media and their legion of willing advertisers feed on the aura of the next fad and the next.

By the time you’re done with the digital parasite that is social media, another one might just crop up and you have to add that to the duty list. That would be a silly way to fritter away time, effort and talent.

A website or weblog is as good a digital presence as any. Use it well, sustain it and it will turn out well eventually. You will even have a digital history.

16 Aug 2014

The Virtual Digital still depends on the Actual

As much as the Internet, digital tools and gadgetry are attractive, they are not substitutes for knowledge, prior knowledge, experience, encounters and memory.

A search on a subject matter becomes easier when you have a point of reference in the form of prior knowledge, memory, a previous experience or encounter. You’re in a better position when you possess those compared to the next person who starts with nothing.

Do not foolishly dismiss or deride old world(historical) and real world knowledge.
They’re the reality and/or the result of previous proceedings that one faces outside the screen.

Passing things around or forwarding them, clicking here and there, may not always translate to action. There are still things that have to be done directly, on the ground where it happens. That’s the reality that virtual reality mimics, with mixed results.

Just because something isn’t on the Internet does not mean that it does not exist.
There is no recorded digital knowledge, prior knowledge, memory, encounter or experience with it. Once there is awareness of its existence, then only will the matter manifest in the digital realm.

One can be relevant, with the ability to move mountains yet be hardly known by one’s presence in the digital media. One can be ubiquitous in the digital realm and still remain trifle.

The Internet is a living encyclopedia, where its contents evolve over time. Although an archived version of its previous incarnation can be found, often it is the latest version that is accessed when a search is made.
Thus, at times information can be manipulated.

Thinking skills such as cross-checking, evidence gathering, logical deduction and having possession of out of print books (deemed old fashioned) will assist in deriving the desired result rather than mere reliance on the digital realm. 

Is it not better to have knowledge within than to have to search for it when you need it most? By all means use the digital and adopt it yet bear in mind that digital is not always superior for it is no substitute for real living, dedication and learning.

13 Aug 2014

Critique of Social Media Mania-addendum

At least an old fashioned press release is a polished piece of writing. Any author worth one's salt will be able to formulate a decent one, for others and when the situation calls for it, for oneself. 

I've generated my own press releases independently. These get read and people do click to find out more. Whether they buy on the spot or wait a little longer, it is hard to ascertain.
But at least it is easier to track readership compared to social media. On purely social media, many see, many read, but only a sprinkling 'like' or 'tweet' and even fewer bother to check things out. 

In the social media sphere, it's like we're all trying to shout out in an already noisy room. A few of those who hear bother to check things out. Most of it is missed because the place is too loud to pick out anything that stands out. It has less to do with quality, but the fact that we are all shouting in an overcrowded noisy space. 

Treat social media as one of the tools in the tool box not as the only tool available.

Explore other options while keeping to your budget and personal values.  

10 Aug 2014

Critique of social media mania

Social media is treated as the holy grail of the moment. Organisations falling over themselves trying to implement it and hyper-ventilating over the search for social media practitioners to fill their ranks. It’s not as simple as it seems. Sure the advertising industry will rave over this as it presents another outlet to sell their branding and marketing expertise to prospects and current clients. The term ‘media’ in social media already provides a clue as to its links and complement to traditional advertising media.

It may have started as a simple platform for people to contact one another but it sure has become a honey pot for advertisers, or so it seems.

Let us venture beyond that.

How do you reconcile the effect of social media on the bottom-line?
Do you painstakingly match every e-mail address, every social media web page with the actual persons who registered their details in your list of attendees at an event?
Even if you did make it a point for people to register their details for data matching purposes, have you captured them comprehensively?
What about privacy and people’s right to it?
Surely, I can be a client and be anonymous about it. I can walk into any upscale restaurant, have my meal, pay the bill, tip the staff and then leave.
All this without fuss. Even if there is a review form with a guaranteed discount voucher, I don’t have to take the bait. I can choose not to fill it up. I can still return to the same place at another time.
Even if I did return there is no obligation for me to provide my e-mail contact, blog address and proof of social media presence. I can just choose to come and go as I please.

Even if you have my e-mail address, I can opt to unsubscribe and be removed from the mailing list because I do not find it amusing to receive too many unsolicited digital periodicals, reminders and offers.

Do you really think that a mere picture will persuade revenue to come your way? Picture perfect is the domain of professionals. Anything and anyone can be enhanced with such methods. It takes more than photo spreads to sell something of value. Out of the millions who view, how many actually were persuaded by such images? It won’t be easy making a survey and even so, the honesty of the sample population can be questioned.

Can you actually gauge if all the ‘likes’ received really add up to revenue or all those ‘likes’ are just the digital equivalent of lip service? I’ve known and received ‘likes’ that never add up to anything substantial. I’ve received ‘likes’ without anyone exploring the links given after investigation. I’ve seen sponsored advertisements on social media covering a probable demographic but not turning up a single click that resulted in a sale.

We’re almost back to the wild, wild Internet boom when ads were displayed at the bottom, top and side of web pages, with flashy words and graphics, with hope that someone will click them and be cajoled into a purchase. Social media claims to target adverts to specific demographics. All easier said than done, when you can consciously lie about your age, earnings, location, education background, just about anything on social media. Thus again, we are thrust back into the digital dark ages! You’re shooting again in the dark.

To sustain interest in social media, requires constant effort in posting, re-posting, making new twists to the subject matter. But do all those efforts add up to increased revenue or are there other factors also at play resulting in an upsurge or downward plunge, such as a coincidental event, politics, fashion, novelty, media interest?

Every approach contributes to revenue in business. However it would be foolish to place all of one’s eggs in the social media basket. It is new but it isn’t the turning point in longevity of an enterprise. It is too much of the moment tool and channel to make a lasting impact.

Social media also works better amongst already established brands as in corporations and brands as in names of personalities. It is more difficult for an unknown to burst into the scene compared to established names. The huge followings and fans commanded by major brand names were the result of achievement in other fields and not solely in social media.
Perhaps it is their exclusivity, quality, affordability, popularity, durability, artistry etc. 

But to really sell the brand just because it is on social media? For established brands, it is merely reinforcing its presence and reaching out to a population segment weaned on digital media. That too is open to question. Does it really sell by virtue of online presence or is it from influence, recommendation or incidental mention? 

For new brands, it is more difficult. Very few are aware of their existence. People online need to be persuaded, maybe through constant presence or even a sweetener, in terms of something free. Even so, the demographical concentration is flawed based on flawed or compromised information as mentioned earlier when people can deliberately mislead, wilfully.

The above is based on my personal observation and experience.

Social media simply is another channel to communicate. How truly effective it is remains to be substantiated. Social media as we know it now, like all known digital methods, can never take the place of real human interaction. So how can it really know and relate to sentient, intelligent beings who value their privacy?

I’m sure you’re aware of the phenomenon on social media where you’ve listed friends who aren’t real friends but acquaintances in the digital realm. Followers who aren’t genuine followers. Perhaps voyeurs to a certain extent?

So hold your horses! A well-written press release or statement backed by credible evidence, hard work, consistency and relationships has more substance than all the shallow ‘likes’, ‘tweets’, ‘re-tweets’ and ‘views’ in the digital universe.

1 Apr 2014

Consistently above average: Absolutely Done by Dominae Primus

Absolutely Done  is a stark contrast to the novels and novellas in the news or stuff which are out there. It's not a controversial conspiracy, it's not racy and it's not riding on the current trend, rave or hottest wave among young adults, not so young adults and what not. 
It's a case of telling what you want to put across regardless of what is in fashion. 

So getting three stars consistently, which is above average rating despite the odds is something which I'd take as a positive endorsement.

So here are the links to ratings :

Jessie Potts' review 3 stars out of 5

Rachel Dove on Absolutely Done

Bitten By Books, paranormal book review site

Absolutely Done was hard for me to rate. I was unsure what to expect when I first picked up this book. An Angel named Absolute is taking over the Grim Reaper’s job while he’s meditating because he’s become too grim (Absolute’s joke, not mine). Absolute has two co-workers, so to speak: Lady Hope and Trench Coate. He’s determined to see the lighter side of death and not to let his grim job bring him down.

This book had a feel of the college books my English professor made us read–books that had hidden meanings and spiritual truths woven in between the lines. Dominae Primus (the pen name for Wong Li Ming) has infused humor and deep thinking behind the simple story of an angel. Like my college books I feel like you need to go into reading  Absolutely Done  fully expecting a philosophical book. There’s dry humor between the three characters, very simple thinking (to hide a deeper meaning) in Absolute’s head, and small jokes between Absolute and his mentor. If you are looking for something a little more in your books, then check out any of Dominae Primus’s books for that philosophical spice. If you’re looking for a paranormal book about angels, this may not be for you.
Thank you to all the reviewers. 
Absolutely Done

ISBN: 9789675785016


Absolute, a rebel Angel is recruited for the unenviable task of stepping into the Grim Reaper’s shoes for the time being. Absolute wants for nothing of this world, but the divine right of earning his keep as a competent enforcer of order in a world wracked by chaos & greed. An Angel serves his God not only by saving, at times he too must kill to even up the scales of crime & retribution. Presented in frame after frame of action interspersed with humour, Absolute’s adventures lead him to bloodshed, discovery & personal triumph. In his role as the Angel of Death, Absolute is determined in an unpleasant trade, finds ample room for his mischievous wit while being thorough in his execution of duty. The book's prequel is Second Chances.

ABSOLUTELY DONE is a book with vivid scenes that can be adapted as a feature film. 

Absolutely Done is an adventure, action comedy that is as full of slam bang action as it is in terms of witty comic exchanges, wise cracking and spirituality with a nod to mythology. Light enough for the casual reader, engaging for audiences looking beyond flash and explosions and intense enough in action for those who wish to have a cinematic feel of brawn and adrenaline.

Available at :
Amazon UK

Kobo books


Angus & Robertson (Australia)

Rakuten (Japan)


7 Mar 2014

Bitten By Books awards 3 stars to 'Absolutely Done'.

3 stars... which is pretty good when you're up against the current trend of paranormal vampire romances and conspiracy theories!  Many thanks to the patient and wonderful people at Bitten By Books.
Click on link to read review. 

20 Feb 2014

2 books ...

I was asked a question by author, Mia Darien recently. If I could leave 2 books behind for people to know who I am and another what I'm all about my response is featured along with others.
Click on for the article...

1 Feb 2014

Dominae Primus listed at Rakuten of Japan

I'm also pleased to find my digital wares listed at the Rakuten digital store of Japan. This is through my association with Kobo.  It's rather surreal to find yourself inside a Japanese store albeit a digital one.
Here's the link:

Dominae Primus listed at Angus & Robertson

While checking out my listings I found that Angus & Robertson of Australia also hosts my digital wares. Here's the link :  http://www.angusrobertson.com.au/by/dominae-primus/

17 Jan 2014

What is the Future of Bookstores? I'm mentioned in this article.

I am among the 25 authors featured in the article 'What is the Future of Bookstores?" written by Carmen Amato. I'm still under the radar so I don't think I'm 'influential' yet. 
Read on and enjoy. Click on the given link ... 

12 Oct 2013

Focus on what you can, focus on what you are.

What we can achieve, we should go ahead with.  What we have achieved, we have made ourselves to be. To await the acknowledgement of other parties, of which such acknowledgement is beyond our personal control, as a validation of our self-worth is foolish. Celebrate it for what you are. Make note of that moment. Keep the proof if you can. That others take longer to take note is no excuse for us to cease unless circumstances make it so.

To put off happiness until the formal acknowledgement from others of whom we have no control over, from those we do not know, whilst being dependent on their judgement is plain foolish.  Enjoy it for what it is. Once the initial thrill is over with, it is done. You will find the strength to go on and achieve other diverse milestones and perhaps greater things. 

3 Jul 2012

What to expect from Dominae Primus fiction …

For romance, please look for the chick-lit shelves.
For erotica and naughty stuff, sorry mate, look elsewhere.
For meandering gut and heart churning novels, you know their names better than I.

However …

If it’s escapism you seek, you’re right on track.
If you’re the type for a simmering treat of action and wit delivered with attitude, you’ll fit right in.
If it’s the worded equivalent of an action comic with more depth, you’ll be entertained.
If you can take brawn, brain with heart and soul, you’re old enough to read my work.
If a blend of action, humour, supernatural appeals to your taste, stick around for the full show.
If you want equal doses of slam bang mode with something to think about even as the story ends, you’re my sort of audience.

I recommend ‘Absolutely Done’ then go for its softer prequel ‘Second Chances’. Right after get a good dose of laughter with a twist from ‘Granary County’.

Absolutely Done

By Dominae Primus

Copyright 2010
Absolute, a rebel Angel is recruited for the unenviable task of stepping into the Grim Reaper’s shoes for the time being. Presented in frame after frame of action interspersed with humour, Absolute’s adventures lead him to bloodshed, discovery & personal triumph. In his role as the Angel of Death, Absolute is determined in an unpleasant trade, finds ample room for his mischievous wit while being thorough in his execution of duty.

Second Chances

By Dominae Primus

Copyright 2010
SECOND CHANCES involves the cheeky misadventures of a novice Angel named Absolute, who has to make up for a serious misdemeanour in Heaven and is sent to make amends by taking over the identity of a prominent Corporal of the elite King's Guards.
The novel explores Absolute's adventures and the interesting mix of characters he meets in order to thwart a daring assassination without arousing suspicion of his special powers. He has help from his Mentor, Master Guardian Anchorius. The story has elements of a hilarious court intrigue, having to train the Queen and her Maidens on the Art of War, keeping an eye on the impish Royal children, as a court romance between the Captain of the King's Guards with a Queen's handmaiden occurs by accident. This is a light-hearted prequel to the more intense Absolutely Done.

Granary County

By Dominae Primus

Copyright 2010
ASIN: B004W82M70
Granary County takes an angled shot at the western genre by turning it on its head with a combination of humour, imagination and all out action.
An edible tribute to the spaghetti western genre, where the good sheriff and lawmen fight evil villains. The characters in this imaginative satire are delicious with a deadly attitude to boot! Granary County is all out fun filled action, satire and imagination suitable for the entire family.

Wishing you lots of amusement!

Cheers everybody!
Dominae Primus


Amazon UK

Amazon Germany


Dominae Primus weblog for more stuff and updates


27 Jun 2012

What to expect from Dominae Primus non fiction …

Commercially released, Daily Doses & Vital Verses is a throwback to the days of woven verses and reflective, spiritual and philosophical prose. A book with dual nature, one that of a poet and another of an observer of existence.

Daily Doses & Vital Verses is a book with two portions, celebrating wisdom and the art of verse weaving. One serving for every day of the year. Short thoughts to ponder, ruminate and cultivate. Followed by eloquent verses that move the spirit.

Here’s wishing you a pleasant reading experience!

Cheers everybody!
Dominae Primus


Amazon UK

Amazon Germany


22 Jun 2012

The Free Dom

These links are my Gutenberg.org hosted works of fiction and non-fiction, made available for the reading pleasure of a global audience.  Donated for the cause of literacy and ebook dissemination.  Publishing rights belong to the author. Accepted on artistic merit. Listed since 2002.

NATURAE by Dom(Dominae Primus)
Always wanted to do a Shakespeare without being Shakespeare. This is more philosophical and observational with the Bard’s English in use.  I made a promise to myself back in school while reading Shakespeare that I will write something like this. Enjoy!

PoPHILO by Dom(Dominae Primus)
Thoughts on life and making sense of it between the ages of 20 –30.  Nothing juvenile here!

RHYME AND REASON  by Dom(Dominae Primus)
Poetry and prose. The first volume. Some light. Some more profound.

Poetry and prose. The second volume. Light and heavy.

PRAETOR’S LUNCH by Dom(Dominae Primus)
A Praetor’s thoughts while enjoying one’s repast one fine day, just a few thousand years ago. Thoughts on life, peace and war during the Roman Empire.

Get them now in your preferred ebook format!

A short cut link is appended below to all my works listed above along with a link to my personal weblog as proof of acknowledgement from Project Gutenberg. 


17 Mar 2012

For the record...on my literary works available in University hosted resources and digital libraries

Besides Project Gutenberg listed works, allow me to offer a short background on the availability of my literary works elsewhere.

My association with the University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign began with  the vetting, examination and acceptance of my literary compositions based on quality, merit and originality by two founding academics responsible for the management of the Project Gutenberg - global archive. One was Founding Professor, the late Michael Stern Hart and his associate Dr. Gregory Newby.  My works were compared to the writers  who had produced works of exceptional quality and merit, released prior to 1923. In other words I was rated in relation to the authors of classics in Western literature. Project Gutenberg as a rule only accepts works prior to 1923 but in my case they made an exception based on quality, merit and originality.

I have the honour of NOT 1 but 5 works listed and hosted by the University of Illinois based academics back in 2002. These works have been available online ever since.

The titles are:

  • Naturae
  • Rhyme and Reason
  • Rhyme and Reason Volume Two
  • Praetor's Lunch

The above works are classified under several categories depending on their contents such as 'English' 'Literature', 'Philosophy'

Besides the University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign(USA) hosting my works, they are also available in mirror sites in North America, Asia and Europe.

These include online resources/digital libraries at:

The University of Florida(USA)
Michigan State University(USA)
Ball State University at Muncie,Indiana(USA)
Dalhousie University(Canada)
The University of Waterloo(Canada)
Universidade do Minho(Portugal)
University of Rome(Italy)
University of Adelaide(Australia)
In addition my works are available to staff and students of UNISA(University of South Australia)
Swedish University Computer Network(SUNET)

I've also had my English poetry accepted and featured at BBC official sites. In my case the BBC Shropshire edition pages whereby contributors consisted of mainly native speakers and a sprinkling of foreigners.

Access my compositions through this link: http://www.gutenberg.org/ebooks/author/1770

5 Jan 2012

Non Commercial works at the BBC


A Glance at Time

What is this fleeting moment?
An hourglass filled with cascading sand
Passes us in joy or lament
While we compelled or by own choosing attend


The Archer
The Archer pulls his bowstring
Yonder what lies in hiding
One shot hits its target true
Hinders doubts which worries spew


For My Friends
Courtesy in deeds driven
Ev'ry gesture plays a part
Fair regard gladly given
Fondness well planted in heart

Ye fair rovers in life
torches glow and fires swell
upon the reach of warm hive
We wish thee "all be well"

For those true let none deceive
Be relieved by what's believed
Within sadness joy's reprieve
Joy increased from joy received


SURSUM CORDA - Lift up your hearts
Come my dears the sun yellow
Beckons thee out of sorrowful wallow
The pit of tears runs too shallow
For lively spirits mellow and callow
Let's be gone with many a-bellow
We cross the hollow elbow to elbow.


Seaside Sunrise
From distance and depths they roll
nearer like a constant stroll
their formation fluidly rustling
nearing leaves slovenly shaking
salt in my nose, curled up my toes
I can see the troopers moving hither

Horizon of scattered specks
unheeding fluid troopers' tracks
wavy phalanx forward advance
prance a primordial nature's dance
glare in my eyes, from morn sunrise
my attention attends along the strand.


Worth Of Say
Everybody's worth of say
heard in haunts you roam
Someone else's worth of say
overheard as you flit by
It's not your worth of say
while you stand, watch and wait
You want your worth of say
before pale flag's hoisted
the towel thrown

Everybody's worth of say
in each twist of rhetoric
Someone else's worth of say
you cannot see your name
It's not your worth of say
you haven't spoken yet
You want your worth of say
before the heart's lost
the daredevils retire

Everybody's worth of say
as you glean the scene
Someone else's worth of say
while you keep your peace
It's not your worth of say
when others speak their mind
You want your worth of say
before the flames flake
the embers melt.


Your Move
Where does your heart lie ?
when it must be true ?
the hard questions they pry
and they are now due !

to salvation where you're cleansed ?
or reap damnation of recompense ?
judge and make fateful choice
foolish plunge or righteous poise !


Eight Lines
Things said are said fully
Deeds done are done truly
There shan't be lies to grieve
If truth is like a sieve

When wits are matched
Our minds are lighted
When sins are hatched
Our joys are blighted

2 Mar 2011

Text content as direct source material for other media-by Dominae Primus

As creative persons we have to realise that films and videos are largely dependent on visual and audio aspects. To fully portray text content on film, film makers will have to focus on the source material available and that is the written text. A manuscript that is rich with detail ensures that the integrity of the writer’s vision is stated. If the writer has achieved that advanced degree of detail and precision, it is most likely that translation into the visual and audio media will be smoother.

A manuscript that is flimsy on detail will force filmmakers to imagine their own details and even sub plots. This in turn dilutes the original vision of the author.

In order to ensure source material integrity in the presentation of text based work to film, the author will have to exercise due effort in realising that vision by suitably illustrating details.

At times film makers attempt to update old tales in a revised contemporary setting. This is at times appropriate but it also runs the risk of being outdated in terms of setting decades down the road. It is again ripe for another reincarnation. But if the film makers had adhered to the original period intended and injected it with universal values or ensured key points critical to the plot’s understanding easy enough to follow, then the period setting of the story hardly matters.

Making a movie that is overly contemporary, overloaded with references of the current trends, being too much of its time will reach the end of its shelf life too soon! But a period setting utilising universal values, contrasts and perennial themes will fare better, perhaps even, achieving timelessness. This applies in any media in any art form.

Not every book is suitable for presentation in the media of film, both long and short form.

At times even best loved books do not lend well to film. Simply because the subject matter does not have adequately interesting dialogue, visual details, the inability to sustain viewers’ interests. It may be supreme in written text, a beautiful play of words and conveyance of meaning through skilfull word craft. But a bore when translated on screen! Emotions and concepts expressed so poignantly and aptly in words may fail us when attempts are made to express them on film, with the twitch of facial movements and gestures. Even the best thespians will struggle to sustain their own believability when portraying the characters. Unsuitable on film but such material can still be compelling when presented in the medium of audio books. Mellifluous voices with clear diction and good sense of timing propel text content into a stunning piece of written art, amplified and enunciated with vocal prowess. Thus, it is foolish to equate every popular book as fodder for the film industry.

Graphic novels, comics or illustrated stories, whatever one terms them. These materials have a greater success of conversion into film in their category compared to text as these are made with visuals in mind. The words attributed to characters are easily incorporated into film script with perhaps some additional dialogue and extra footage not shown in the original illustrations.

As someone with diverse work styles, I’m aware that my poetry and literary fiction are unsuitable for presentation on film. They are however suitable for conversion into audio books.

Contrast this with my works of fiction that are written with detail and visuals in mind. My works of fiction were written with emphasis on translating what I see in my imagination into text, whilst still providing ample freedom for readers to fill in their own details. The main components are still my own, from my mind’s eye. Text assumes a three dimensional true to life context for a reader somewhere between comprehension and mental formulation. I could challenge the vividness of graphic novels any day.

As authors we owe it to our art to express and maintain its integrity. The people who utilise such material for translation into other media have a duty to maintain respect and faithfulness to the original intent. After all, without the source material, there will be nothing to start with.

25 Jan 2011

Dominae Primus feature-interview text transcript

Text transcript of my interview feature with Cathy Stucker as she discusses with me on issues of interest. Cathy Stucker is a literary blogger who keeps a lookout for emerging authors and literary issues.
Dominae Primus

*Tell us something about yourself.
I am from the island of Penang, Malaysia. It is a former British colony. In my case I found that the more effort I put into the language the easier it became for me to master it. I also discovered a knack for writing in the process. Sometimes it’s just like music or art or even cooking. The language chose me as a medium and I embraced it!

How did you know you wanted to be a writer? How did you get started?
I’ve been working at my writing skills ever since my teenage years. I studied English Literature and excelled in it while at school. The idea of becoming a writer started around the same time. I thought to myself, “Some day those words will be mine not some one else’s on the pages.”

Why did you choose to release under the name Dominae Primus?
It’s like a brand that I intend to build up. Also it’s my manner of separating my creative side from my mundane side.

If I were to release under my full name, readers might have preconceived notions about what I write and that is something that I prefer to avoid. As Dominae Primus I stay clear from those search-for-identity, clash-of-cultures, archaic-scandalous-traditions writer.

*What is your most recent book? Tell us a bit about it.
‘Absolutely Done’ is my most recent book although !Attention! was released a little after. ‘Absolutely Done’ is my first full length work incorporating action, comedy, mythology and spirituality. It is propelled by the themes of good, evil and retribution with some imagined settings.

The prequel to ‘Absolutely Done’ is ‘Second Chances’ a mock fairy tale. It’s light compared to the harder action sequences in ‘Absolutely Done’.

What inspired you to write this book?
In ‘Absolutely Done’, I wanted to portray Death as a fallible character, not the all powerful Grim Reaper. He also needs a break from the job every now and then. So he gets some help from Absolute, the unconventional Angel and his sidekick, Trench Coate. I wanted a story with some comical aspects rather than heavy hard core action all the time. Then you also have Lady Hope who packs a punch when in a fight. We make fun of mythology and turn their attributes to our favour when formulating the fantastical aspects of the story. Action takes place in our world, in fantastical landscapes, reaching its peak in the outer regions of the Underworld.

How did you choose titles for your books?
Sometimes it’s the name of the setting as in ‘Granary County’, a satire of the Western genre. At times it’s a play of the main character’s name such as ‘Absolutely Done’. The title may also be the main theme such the mock fairy tale ‘Second Chances’ or a play of the main theme in the humorous action release ‘!Attention!’. It’s more straight forward in ‘Daily Doses and Vital Verses’ since it expresses the contents of both poetry and thoughts written in prose.

What obstacles did you encounter in getting your books published? How did you overcome them?
Like all writers I encountered obstacles almost every step of the way. I’ve had the chance of being considered by notable literary agencies and publishers but in order for these agencies to take you in, you have to convince an entire committee, not just several members of the committee. I find that very unfair. I cannot be expected to change myself just to fit the requirements of a committee who might have set ideas about how and what a writer should write. There’s no pleasing every one.

Also the catch 22 of literary agent and publisher prior to getting published is a nuisance.
I got to know my ebook enabler and retailer when I contacted Research in Motion, the makers of Blackberry which in turn recommended them. I believe in getting my works out there now rather than wait indefinitely for some agency to pick you out. If there’s any agency or publisher out there they’ll know me after I have released my works.

Do you have any writing rituals?
I wouldn’t call it a ritual. It’s more of a discipline. Making notes, jotting down snatches of conversation, drafting sequences and then writing them down when I have adequate material. It all seems disjointed at first, but more will come if one worked at it. It’s a little puzzle that has to be constructed one bit at a time.

How do you come up with the names for your characters?
I try to frame them in humorous terms, deliberately give them a plain name or have some reference in their name to their attributes. It takes some thought to come up with names.

Did you learn anything from writing and publishing your books?
You have to be satisfied with the final draft. You have to trust the people who handle the digital format customisation for ebook releases.
I know how to apply for a publisher’s licence, how to obtain a unique ISBN for each book and how to have the same information captured for retail channels.
Creatively I have control but once it’s out there, it’s up to the market forces, support from readers, reviewers and media channels to spread the word.

If you were doing it all over again, what would you do differently?
Less emphasis on short stories. I would not have signed up with my first literary agent who was a fraud. It happened before we had Internet access.

What types of books do you like to read? Who are your favorite authors? Why?
I’m a very eclectic reader so I don’t normally follow someone unless they’re constantly appealing to my taste and ideals. My current picks date back some years.

I also enjoy action comics as in war themed illustrated comics from the UK. I’ve read those since I was a child. Seeing a girl reading those raises eyebrows. Most will think it’s a passing fad. But seeing a woman reading those shatters stereotypes.

Another feature I enjoy is spiritual fiction such as selected works by Kahlil Gibran, Paulo Coelho and Jostein Gaarder.

Are you working on your next book? What can you tell us about it?
I am collecting and working on material for two divergent books based on a common thread. They may not have the same cast always but there is always a constant character who emerges in the stories. Readers will find a secret world beneath normal perceived reality. Some elements may be fantastical, but the stories that develop, the portrayal of aspects of human behaviour, occasionally controversial themes explored make them believable. Some of the oft repeated values and ideals that civilised society preaches are fallible. You have to make your own way in this world, among the moral, immoral and the spaces between those extremes.

*What is the best advice you could give other writers about writing or publishing?
Keep writing and get exposure. Don’t always follow conventional publishing paths because that may take forever and you don’t have forever! Don’t ever forget that ambition because without it there will be no drive.

Who is the perfect reader for your book?
People who enjoy wit, action, comedy with some spirituality and philosophy in the mix. Ages 12 and above!

Where can readers learn more about you and your books?
My ebooks are available for an international audience through kobobooks.com


For more on my released works, visit my weblog at http://dominaeprimus.blogspot.com/

Dominae Primus featured at interview with Cathy Stucker

I'm featured in an interview spotlight with Cathy Stucker a literary blogger.


6 Jan 2011

Dominae Primus- interview by Joanne Troppello

January 3rd 2011- I'm featured in an interview with Joanne Troppello. The full text is available at Joanne's weblog. Thanks again Joanne for the spot!

Full text  of interview available below:

Dominae Primus is a creative content writer and editor with practical experience in diverse industries. The author’s commercial releases are mainly action comedy, ranging from mock fairy tales to heavier doses of intensity which tread a fine balance of humour, imagination and engaging action. In addition, Dominae Primus has also released a compilation of philosophical reflections and poetry.  
The author has original compositions showcased online at BBC Shropshire Edition-The Write Stuff, ABC Tales & Project Gutenberg (listed under ‘Dom’). The author considers it an honour to be listed at Project Gutenberg along with literary luminaries of eras past.
For the future, Dominae Primus stories are expected to include more imaginative elements fusing with a backdrop of spirituality and constant doses of humour. The author believes that there is more towards understanding this life than the external realities perceived by the senses.
Weblog: http://dominaeprimus.blogspot.com/

Second Chances
ISBN 978-967-5785-00-9
A mock fairy tale with enough action, comedy, wit and imagination to make you root for the chief characters. Prequel to the harder hitting ‘Absolutely Done’.

Absolutely Done
ISBN 978-967-5785-01-6
An adventure, action comedy that is as full of slam bang action as it is in terms of witty comic exchanges, wise cracking and spirituality with a nod to mythology. Light enough for the casual reader, engaging for audiences looking beyond flash and explosions and intense enough in action for those who wish to have a cinematic feel of brawn and adrenaline.

Granary County
ISBN 978-967-5785-02-3
An edible tribute to the spaghetti western genre, where the good sheriff and lawmen fight the evil villains. The characters in this imaginative satire are delicious with a deadly attitude to boot!

ISBN 978-967-5785-04-7
This is wild ride featuring displaced radio hosts, a reality TV crew, a pig and a ram who own a bakery and a host of bad GM vegetables who serve an attention draining villain and his sister. This is a tale where a food fight equals a fight for survival.

Daily Doses & Vital Verses
ISBN 978-967-5785-03-0
This is a dual journey of poetic artistry and philosophy.
Vital Verses portion deals with poems that celebrate hope and faith in life despite its turmoil and contradictions. Daily Doses portion is the author’s sharing of philosophical reflections. If taken one per day, the compilation lasts an entire calendar year!

Interview with Joanne Troppello transcript begins after this line:
Why did you become a writer…was it a dream of yours since you were younger or did the desire to write happen later in your life?

The idea of becoming a writer came about when I became aware of my abilities during my teenage years.

What was the inspiration for your latest work of fiction?
My latest work of fiction is actually ‘Absolutely Done’ although I had ‘!Attention!’ released a little later. ‘!Attention!’ is a completed humorous story lying dormant and waiting to be released. ‘Absolutely Done’ is inspired by a mix of hard core action, spirituality, comedy and mythology. As good, evil, the grey areas and the amoral are part of existence, people can relate to that.

Do you tend to base your characters on real people or are they totally from your imagination?
Both imagination and real life experiences.

What was the most interesting research you had to do for any of your books? Where do you go to do your research?
My research if any will encompass real life observations, reference materials that are both static and dynamic (books, multi-media, Internet posted material)

How do you go from an idea for a book to the birth of the story? Is the process the same for every book you write? How long does it take you to write a book?
Some of them took as long as two years because I was working full time and took time out to write in between work. Some shorter works took about several months before completion. Typically I would need a year to finish, from concept to rough draft, edits before the finalized version.

Are you currently working on any new book projects?
Yes I am. More books in the future. I have to jot down more ideas and snippets of action sequences. Getting ideas for two divergent books simultaneously linked by a common thread.

Do you have any advice for beginning writers on how to write a book? Do you have any advice for them regarding promoting that book once published?
First of all have your own style. Next, write things that you are confident of carrying through. Get as much exposure as possible without breaking the bank. You don’t necessarily require payment for reviews. If so, be wary of the service provider!

What is your favorite work of literary fiction and why? Do you have a favorite literary author?
I prefer spiritual literary fiction. The Prophet by Kahlil Gibran is an outstanding piece if you don’t mind the New King James Bible inspired style. A well written, pithy work with philosophical and spiritual appeal. Never ever equate length with quality. It’s what’s inside.

Who is your favorite contemporary author? Are you currently reading any contemporary novels?
I’m a very eclectic reader so I don’t normally follow someone unless they’re constantly appealing to my taste and ideals. My current picks date some years back. I also read action comics.

What’s your writing schedule like? When do you find time to write?
I may not have set times to write but I will find time to jot down my ideas. Ideas are most vital. It’s usually when I’m not working on any immediate assignments when I find time to write. Sometimes I make sure I write something before I turn in for the night especially when I’ve enough notes and material to work on.

How did you find your publisher? What was your journey to publication like?
I am my own publisher. I found my eBook enabler and retailer when I contacted Research in Motion, the makers of Blackberry. It has been a long way and I could’ve reached publication stage earlier if not for the literary agent and publisher conundrum that I had to face. In fact I’ve faced almost every barrier. It’s easier to be inspired and write than to land an agent or publisher.

Do you have any writing idiosyncrasies?
None that I know of!

How have your friends and family received your career as an author? Are they supportive?

Not all friends know that I write and have released work. Not all relatives know that I write to start with! I come from a diverse family and not every one reads or speaks English fluently. I’ve friends and relatives who are supportive. Only they are aware of what I do and have been striving towards.

What’s the most challenging aspect of writing for you? ~ POV issues; using too much passive voice and not enough active voice; trouble creating active and engaging dialogue; using too many similar words in starting sentences; or something else?
The most challenging is to have a constant stream of ideas or ideas that are sustainable and pliable. Once you have those, words will follow.


Dominae, thank you for stopping by today. I enjoyed our conversation!