16 Jul 2017

Robbery - lyrics project

– based on a demo recorded track by Queen.
Proposed lyrics. Words in bold are audible lyrics in demo recording by Queen Productions. The rest are proposed content by Dominae Primus
I’ve always wanted to try my hand at his unfinished track for its rapid fire heavy guitar chops.  ‘Great King Rat’ is a reference to a Queen song. Since the subject is robbery, I included names of some notorious criminals to spice things up.

There’s been a robbery
Got away scot free
What a dirty job!

Nothing they can do to stop me
Nothing they can do
Even if they tried to stop me
I’ll be long long gone

Lightning flash fight
Thief in the night
Spoiling for a fight
None can stop me

Bane of your plight
I get thrills in the night
Source of your fright
None can stop me

Clyde for your Bonnie
Machine Gun Kelly
Floyd or kid Billy
None can stop me

Watch me help myself! (spoken)

Flick of the switch
Now tell me just which
Way to unlock it honey!
Don’t try to stop me

I know what from which
I know what it is
All down to me
None can stop me

I mean you no harm
I can be a real charm
Just let me have some
Don’t try to stop me

(run through the guitar chords)
Take that, take that, take that, take a bellyful of that
Take that, take that; take that, help yourself to all that
Rat tat tat, rat tat tat, rat tat tat, I’m the Great King Rat
Rat tat tat, rat tat tat, rat tat tat, rat tat tat tat tat

Watch me help myself! (spoken)

I’m the hand of larceny
My prize is scot free
It’s a dirty job!

Thanks to Queen for the inspiration.
Dominae Primus

13 Jul 2017

THE MISSING LINE – lyrical bit

The title of the song, ‘Love Making Love’ is sure to attract attention. Written and recorded by Freddie Mercury.  It’s a very striking demo recording with a strong melody. The only thing that I find lacking is the missing line when Freddie vocalises one portion. It’s such a pity this almost perfect demo recording never was included in Freddie’s solo album ‘Mr Bad Guy’ in 1985.  

Many of us know just where to go for a listen to songs online. You can easily pick out the titles mentioned in this blog and judge for yourselves. 

After the first chorus, we have this verse:

Don't get into no bad ways
'Cos life goes on
No wedding plans you can't take
The fight goes on
Oh secret love affair
Waiting unawares

[vocaliSations] the proposed lyric line is:  
searing compulsion of love where does it go ?

10 Jul 2017

You Are The Only One - lyrics project

You Are The Only One - demo music and vocalisations by Freddie Mercury

The objective is to compose lyrical content to replace vocalisations in the demo recorded version. Words in bold denote original and audible lyrical draft. Words not in bold denote Author’s contribution.

The song has a dual purpose in mind and that is, as an affirmation of affection and plea for forgiveness. 
Being a demo recording, it was never commercially released. …………………………………………………………………………………….....................

You stood by my side
Despite my foolish pride
I'm so sorry
My head in the clouds
Thought it would clear all my doubts
How I was proven wrong!
You are the only one
You are the only one

My virtue and vice
Only our love can be
So take me away from it all

You are the only one
You are the only one 
My virtue and vice
Only our love can be
So take us away from it all


I’ve caused you much grief (option: to be sung or spoken)
Callousness made you weep (option: to be sung or spoken)

I'm so sorry, I'm so sorry
My virtue and vice
Loyalty I never had to ask for twice
To you I now belong!
You are the only one
You are the only one
My virtue and vice
Only our love can be
So take us away from it all!  


Dominae Primus thanks the late Freddie Mercury for the opportunity to be creative.