2 May 2016

Thoughts on creativity - on poetry

When you’re a poet faced with the many words that come to us immediately in thought and conversation, it is too easy to rhyme with the obvious. Since a poet is an artist with a considerable vocabulary, we owe it to ourselves to press on and go for a higher challenge while still keeping the subject matter accessible and fun to readers.

When I was starting out, it was too easy to just mesh all the obvious words one after another. That was just an initial stage. When you get better at it, there is a yearning for a different challenge and to see if you can make things interesting while peeling through the next stage of creativity that lies within oneself.

If you have a point of reference or points of reference or perhaps someone whose body of work inspires you to be an even better version of yourself, then see what it is that moves you so. Strive to emulate, not imitate.

During creative activity, never forget the element of engagement with the readers, the fun it invokes, the wit or beauty of construction that creates an impression, the type that lingers on in mind, heart and soul long after the first encounter.

It’s hard work and requires much thought. The finished, polished work, the version that you’re satisfied with is worth the effort. 

3 Apr 2016

brief statement to the publishing industry

The persons responsible for formulating policies, selection of authors, material and even length of composition have to rethink their approach in a world of downloads and actual shop retail of short works that appeal to the masses. In a world where people allocate brief time slots of private indulgence to reward themselves, in between chores and paid work, there is a need for small bites of entertainment.

Short stories, one hour programmes, games, daily puzzles, these are the items that will resonate with the majority of people. Not long winded voluminous works that deter just by their sheer size. The paperbacks gave a boost to the publishing industry. So did comics. Short fiction, poetry and non fiction deserve their place in the priority list of publishing powers that be. Putting 50,000 words as an entry level is not the method of sifting through the slush pile. It becomes its own slush. Open the gates to all genres and then sort them. The digital age has already commenced. Why should publishing still plod along with 50 000 word length requirements and why should only the novel be the recognisable form of literature? There is a host of short stories, novellas, comics, play scripts that qualify as literature for the masses and we dare say, some fit for all ages lodged in that bulk.

From the pile of independently released work, surely there will be something that the established publishing imprints can acquire and market. 

20 Mar 2016

The difference between poetry and words set to music

Any poet and writer who has spent enough time in many efforts of original composition should be aware at that stage of creative maturity that composing a poem as a poem is different from composing for a melody. You can have your own arrangement within a poem (even with a recurrent theme) at set junctures at will. However, you're guided by the melody in a piece of music. This is where poetry and melody co-exist. It also helps not to have pre-set definitions of how a poem should be before setting out to work or else that will restrict the generation of ideas. Most poets work on poetry by themselves. However when you set words to music, you work with a musician. It's a co-operative effort and a partnership of creative media. 

14 Aug 2015

Creative Freedom

If there’s any significant advantage that writers and creative persons have above others is that as long as our faculties are in workable and competent condition, we can carry on as long as possible. So, we can look like hell and still compose good work. If need be, thereafter, do whatever is necessary to look decent before presenting ourselves outside.

11 Aug 2015

Standing up for the creative people

There are sectors of society who shun us for we are deemed the ne’er do wells who sponge off commerce based society’s wealth, the useless and dangerous dreamers and beggars who litter and poison impressionable minds. That is a society that refuses to explore itself from within and without. How poor the soul is through such deprivation and that is the worst beggary of all.

I’m a writer, an artist who works with words. I’m a seeker of truth, spirituality and one who is in tune with one’s own conscience. It aches sometimes, that is when I need to rectify aspects of myself. At other times, my conscience stands tall.

I don’t see any depravity in being a writer, the artist with words and choosing to be one.
All I needed was the material, the sparks and constant awakening with a realisation that this is indeed my destined path. I’m an artist and I owe no one any apology for being what I am. 

23 Jul 2015

Someday Is Today

My mind traced every line
Of couplets and quatrains
My youthful heart once pined
Their art I shall attain!

Swift years of schooled guidance
Through drills of poetic parlance
Grew fond yet how I longed
My words shall soar and form!

Now someday’s today
The now forms eternity
How far ‘twas the day
To now my poetic piety!

Composed by Dominae Primus. 
Published in Daily Doses & Vital Verses
ISBN 978-967-5785-030
Available via Amazon and Amazon affiliates worldwide. 
Also available from Kobobooks.com 

15 Jul 2015

Warm Regards(to a Music Weaver)

If fond regards can take flight
So that they perch by your side
First I shall let it breathe
The warmth of summer’s breeze
At exhalation point radiate
Regards warm to you emanate
From one of many who hold dear
The joys of your labours sincere

Composed by Dominae Primus. 
Published in Daily Doses & Vital Verses
ISBN 978-967-5785-030
Available via Amazon and Amazon affiliates worldwide. 
Also available from Kobobooks.com 

26 Jun 2015

Wishes(for a Lyric Poet)

However far and twisted a pen may weave
I wish that Inspiration never takes leave
What can one ever wish for a poet?
Than Parnassus lush and a fount buoyant?

Composed by Dominae Primus. 
Published in Daily Doses & Vital Verses
ISBN 978-967-5785-030
Available via Amazon and Amazon affiliates worldwide. 
Also available from Kobobooks.com 

23 Jun 2015

To Inspiration

Embrace us with the sparkling glow
Bequeathed to those who wish & know
Delineating pathways unknown
Stirring a hive that dully droned

Composed by Dominae Primus. 
Published in Daily Doses & Vital Verses
ISBN 978-967-5785-030
Available via Amazon and Amazon affiliates worldwide. 
Also available from Kobobooks.com 

Two contrasting poems

Birth Wishes

While promise blooms at its first spring
A premise is lovingly sown
Nature and nurture, hope they bring
A child shoulders them as one’s own

We wish him* health and stature
Worthy of tutelage and care 
So he** may in turn capture
Life’s bounty that he*** shall bear

* substitute with ‘her’
** & ***substitute with ‘she’


Drowned by the hand of mortality
a soul shines where Angels ply
with Goodness pure and Divine mercy
(s)he now dwells where Angels fly

Composed by Dominae Primus. 
Published in Daily Doses & Vital Verses
ISBN 978-967-5785-030
Available via Amazon and Amazon affiliates worldwide. 

Also available from Kobobooks.com 

29 May 2015

Be true to your passion

You’re the odd, misunderstood one.
Sometimes you get the short end of the stick because you’re thought of as an oddity.
Your peers used to think that you’re weird and far out just because you don’t have or share their typical, cookie cutter interests and mentality.
Often times you stay out of the limelight, doing your work and going about it quietly.
You have your passions yet there are so few who actually have similar interests or maybe none at all.

Expect to encounter haters.
Deep down, they actually have issues with themselves.
Expect naysayers.
They’re always rehashing the same old stale routine.

You believe you have something where you can be taught the basics by picking it up through your own effort and also through formal educational channels. However it will be through your own efforts to elevate that passion, allow it to evolve and grow into something greater.
How far that will go, no one knows. Even you do not know.
Yet you believe that as long as there’s life and strength with you in this existence, it is worthwhile and that you will continue to work, be willing to sacrifice and have the courage to go on, with the hope that your efforts will eventually be noticed.

I know that feeling.
I know that person.
I’m that person.
In every generation, there are those like me, like you, like us.
Don’t be afraid to be different or you’ll be too afraid to be yourself.
So keep at it, keep it real, stay true to yourself.

20 May 2015

Words To Music

Thank ye for thy verses
They juggle so nimbly well
Rhythm in measured doses
And notions one can tell
May the fruits of thy labours
Words to music’s pairing
Clothe a melody one loves
For all the world’s sharing

Composed by Dominae Primus. 
Published in Daily Doses & Vital Verses
ISBN 978-967-5785-030
Available via Amazon and Amazon affiliates worldwide. 
Also available from Kobobooks.com 

Poet's Rest

Sleep’s a balm, a natural rest
To soothe when not at best
To be privy of Divine design
In your thick dreaming, resigned

Poets past and present
Reside at rhyme’s crescent

A field so diverse, a delight of doses
Bloom words that outlast roses
The garden of wit blessed us both,
spread its seedlings we go forth

Composed by Dominae Primus. 
Published in Daily Doses & Vital Verses
ISBN 978-967-5785-030
Available via Amazon and Amazon affiliates worldwide. 

Also available from Kobobooks.com 

Ye Olde Rhyme For New Beginnings

Cometh away from thoughts
Tarry there no longer
Moveth us present prods
Ceaseth now thine waver

Seizeth breezes’ sweet scents
Hence now deep inhaleth
Perchance fortune presents
Glad tidings here cometh

Sincereth labours tideth over
Let all thy needs be met
Drinketh up thy toast to what’s better
This wish for good that’s left

Thy soul doth safely harbour
Faith’s twists & twines maketh
Arrayed in thy heart’s ardour
Freest thou, set saileth!

Composed by Dominae Primus. 
Published in Daily Doses & Vital Verses
ISBN 978-967-5785-030
Available via Amazon and Amazon affiliates worldwide. 

Also available from Kobobooks.com 

18 May 2015

Seaside Sunrise

From distance and depths they roll
nearer like a constant stroll
their formation fluidly rustling
nearing leaves slovenly shaking
salt in my nose, curled up my toes
I can see the troopers moving hither

Horizon of scattered specks
unheeding fluid troopers' tracks
wavy phalanx forward advance
prance a primordial nature's dance
glare in my eyes, from morn sunrise
my attention attends along the strand

Composed by Dominae Primus. 
Published in Daily Doses & Vital Verses 
ISBN 978-967-5785-030
Available via Amazon and Amazon affiliates worldwide. 
Also available from Kobobooks.com 

26 Apr 2015

Garden Of Life

The garden of life lies vast and sprawling
Bearing secrets revealed at ripening
Unveiling weeds, seeds, kernels and flowers
Denizens banal to sublime greatness

Composed by Dominae Primus. 
Published in Daily Doses & Vital Verses
ISBN 978-967-5785-030
Available via Amazon and Amazon affiliates worldwide. 
Also available from Kobobooks.com 

3 Apr 2015

Here's A Crowd


Chaos plays Jack-in-a-Box
Father Time oils his clocks
Mother Nature preens her hair
Courage makes his own chair
Fate deals her card deck
Past is ever dwelling back
Present plays with Here and Now
Future poses with When and How
Peace reclines in sweet repose
Purity, not a spot on her clothes
Wish speculates wistfully
Reality alters mercurially
Sleep is strictly not to be disturbed
Wakefulness stirs on its own turf

Those which have been named
Our tempers they have tamed
Spans of ages they have reigned
Outlasting Pride and things vain

Composed by Dominae Primus. 
Published in Daily Doses & Vital Verses
ISBN 978-967-5785-030
Available via Amazon and Amazon affiliates worldwide. 
Also available from Kobobooks.com 

23 Mar 2015

Temper Does Not Last

Why cometh ye arrayed in finery?
Yet thy face be sodden so fiery?
Placate thy tortured countenance
Tempers be not permanent

How now, the firmament glows!
The bright moon wanes & waxes
How oft the gauntlet throws
Aren’t worth the weight of axes?

Why art thou miserable so
By the weight of this verse?
Ye end of this shalt go
Mine better, no worse!

Composed by Dominae Primus. 
Published in Daily Doses & Vital Verses
ISBN 978-967-5785-030
Available via Amazon and Amazon affiliates worldwide. 
Also available from Kobobooks.com 

19 Mar 2015

Some Questions(while Hope still waits)

Will sworn foes swear anew
be seated on common pew ?
though far easier to renounce strangers
bad blood among same blood breeds dangers

Will sworn foes swear anew
be seated on common pew ?
or will peace be only enforced
when each choose a separate course ?

Will sworn foes swear anew
be seated on common pew ?
or must ill churn till last breath
with no certainty but death ?

By own accord, jettison pride
Courage on a limb, bare one's hide
If sincerity resides on each side...

Will sworn foes swear anew
be seated on common pew ?
if oaths can be retaken
can they embrace as brethren ?

Composed by Dominae Primus. 
Published in Daily Doses & Vital Verses
ISBN 978-967-5785-030
Available via Amazon and Amazon affiliates worldwide. 
Also available from Kobobooks.com 

9 Mar 2015

State Of Mind by Dominae Primus

This particular style of whimsical composition runs the risk of sounding too banal when it assumes an all too conversational style. So I exerted more control, made it more like a composition, not a conversation. I made it tight, mildly digressing and witty. At least I hope so! 
It was once part of an extra for a sampler of my works. Now the sampler has been discontinued. So this tale, 'State Of Mind' needs a home elsewhere. My own blog will do nicely. 
This is my own composition and I fully assert my rights as author for this work. Quote/reproduce partly or in whole with my prior permission. 


By Dominae Primus

A cheeky story of twists and more twists…

I’ve spared a thought, had it stretched as far as I dared and cared. I’ve given it a thought but thinking wants more. I won’t banish the thought since thoughts still welcome me. I won’t start being territorial with thoughts, that will be terrible of me. I gather that doing so makes little sartorial sense. I’m here to speak my mind in a common tongue.
Pay heed, take care. I’ve gone over it thoroughly and I’m not through yet. I’ve thought it over and I’m far from over and close to hover. I’ve made up my mind and it looks pretty good from here.

I’ve spared a penny for your thoughts. While being mindful of inflation, I’ve made an accumulation of sorts. Feel free or feel compelled to add to it. If there’s nothing more, then keep the change. Comes in useful during an Evolution and tends to appreciate during a Revolution. Let the world spin on its axis, whatever the basis, we’ll face this, about face or turn away.  
I’m no one-track mind for I trust subject matter drive this train of thought.

Lose me, then madness embraces and consumes. Madness knows nothing of boundaries between affection and digestion. It cements and dements. My business is minding, sometimes winding along tangents of by the ways, the highways of wheres, twists of whys, turns of revelations, manual banalities of how-tos, courtesies of how-do-you-dos.
I bend during exertion and also to accommodate.

My host claims me as its own, yet the truth is, I am a resident merely. My work makes my host respectable and often I am confused with my host.
What am I ?
I am the Mind.
Body and Soul are my associates. Soul too is in a similar predicament, being claimed by the Body which it inhabits as its own. I don’t bear a brain but a brain bears me, has to bear with me and holds me tightly in a bear hug.

My assertion is no apparition although it may haunt.
With great liberty, you can forswear a Country, Clare can keep her County.
I declare a State of Mind. The State of Mind welcomes the exchange of ideas, transmission of ideals, migration and immigration of thoughts. Asylum is granted to insane suppositions. Entry and Exit checkpoints are situated along the borders of knowledge.

Elsewhere independent nations were formed and declared. Among them were notable nations such as Stagnation, where stag parties and locking horns are commonplace,
Damnation, where the best irrigation experts are channelled, Indoctrination, rich in doctrines with poor outings when it comes to truths, Pollination, a place where flora and fauna bloom with budding sub-nations.

There were states too such as State-of-the Art, populated by the Science of Technology, State-Of-Emergency, where everything is governed by alarm. Monarchy still reigns in the Principality of Principles, with Cardinal truths as its Constitution.

Those mentioned have their detractors, tractors and intractables.
With the arguments swinging on both pros and cons, pros try to pass off as cons for the heck of it as cons try to play pros for their lack of it. The drive towards independence is greased with the practicality of interdependence, geared with bothers of nuisance and paved with virtues of patience.


3 Mar 2015

My Soul Is A Feather

Would I know whom I see?
If I passed by as a stranger
To gaze at the soul within me
Yet long would I for something better?

I shall know whom I see
If I passed by as a stranger
Comfort the soul within me
Unruffle and release from fetter

Know I whom I see
I have become familiar
With the soul within me
That roams like a feather

Composed by Dominae Primus. 
Published in Daily Doses & Vital Verses
ISBN 978-967-5785-030
Available via Amazon and Amazon affiliates worldwide. 
Also available from Kobobooks.com 

5 Feb 2015

Private Nights

Within the peace of dark nocturne
The mind breaks from taciturn
To dwell on those rarely retraced
Pains and aches of yesterdays

Within the ease of dim nocturne
The mind breaks from taciturn
Pieces again awkward whiles
See the truth beneath those wiles

Ensconced by comfort of thoughts
Where-s and why-s, what if-s and ought-s
Springs those sought and many sorts

Within the peace of stark nocturne
The mind breaks from taciturn
To revive the thrills and joys
Soothe the times when Fate annoys

Within the ease of dark nocturne
The mind breaks from taciturn
To chart our course with spark anew
Where those who've done are far too few!

Composed by Dominae Primus. 
Published in Daily Doses & Vital Verses. ISBN 978-967-5785-030
Available via Amazon and Amazon affiliates worldwide. 
Also available from Kobobooks.com  

19 Jan 2015

Thoughts on independent release via digital publishing….

With the digital convenience, anyone with the resolve and discipline need not wait a lifetime to be published by a publishing house. Just take the plunge and show your wares to the world sooner rather than later. As someone who has thrown enough rejection slips and seen through the farcical, impersonal, process of manuscript submission, it may not necessarily be a pot of gold but it sure enables one to present one's works to the world, minus the long wait and uncertainty. I sure have had it with waiting only to be told that you're good, you've put in lots of effort, but not what we're looking for. 

The reality TV, showbiz, sports, celebrity culture further fuels the divide and opportunities available for the unknown person to break in while the same gatekeepers slacken the strict prerequisites if you're already somebody in the public sphere, be it for famous or infamous reasons. 

Also connections in the publishing world, perhaps even a vast fortune to advance one's ambitions where somebody knows somebody and so this someone gets a shoo-in suddenly finds oneself thrust into prominence without having to undergo all the hoops and filters that it imposes on authors. 

The gatekeepers, commissioning editorial board members and individual commissioning editors, those supposedly who ensure quality of published books aren't always right. When personal taste comes into play, the persistence of commercial success gnawing at one's judgement and perception, it's no wonder there's so much slush in published works and so many gems that go unpublished, until the digital revolution helped to even things up in terms of getting one's works published. Perhaps such efforts and initiative will result in notice and finally some sense in the traditional print houses. I make no apologies for the abovementioned point of view.  It is a statement of what others and I have gone through. In the event of my being signed up would not mean that I’ll alter my views or personal account. 
It will be more like “I’m glad that sober heads and sense prevailed!” 

12 Jan 2015

More criticism of social media

I've expressed my views as to why I think social media is defective, is not an accurate denominator of effectiveness and does not really add value to one's brand. Here's an article I found that points towards the shortcomings of social media.  http://www.forbes.com/sites/ewanspence/2015/01/10/newsletters-beat-facebook-pages/


11 Jan 2015

Bring Back The Rhyme!

Though I write both free verse and rhyming verses, to me, the highest art is still verses with rhyme. That displays the skill, wit and subject matter as only a poet through a poem can. Most of my poems too involve rhyme patterns. Here's one I composed to express the greater need for rhyme compared to the loose form of free verse.

Bring back the Rhyme

Have we lost our taste for rhyme?
Woven lines succinct, sublime?
Reduced to moving the heart
With words & sounds formed apart?

How ought are we to preserve?
Wherein we do not observe?
Has rhyme being consigned…
Outlaw, outcast, crime?

Times they have greatly turned
Left us fragments of bridges burned
Have we lost the hallowed heart?
That forms the soul of our art?

Composed by Dominae Primus. 
Published in Daily Doses & Vital Verses. ISBN 978-967-5785-030
Available via Amazon and Amazon affiliates worldwide.
Also available from Kobobooks.com

18 Dec 2014

Ebook publishing pioneer... that's me!

All those years ago I made my first foray into ebooks. Back then people didn't quite know what to make of it or whether it could be workable. Yes it can, ebooks and books coexisting, just like music being downloaded via digital means existing alongside real records. One of my earliest written interviews ever published in The New Straits Times in print form. Recently I found a digital archive of it. Look out for mention of Dominae Primus in the article.

9 Oct 2014

IMPORTANT NOTICE : warning about unauthorised free downloads of my works

Dear All Netizens and Readers,

It has come to my knowledge that several websites have been purportedly offering free downloads of my ebooks available at Kobobooks.com(and its affiliated online stores) and Amazon.com(and its affiliated online stores), based on the cover art displayed.

The formats available range from pdf, txt, kindle, mp3 etc. I have never released anything on mp3, so someone must be stretching one’s imagination a bit too far.

The other readable formats are plausible except that when one attempts to download my titles, instead of the said formats being downloaded i.e. pdf, txt, kindle, mobi, an exe file is readied for download into the receiver device. It is a phishing attempt to infect the receiver device with a virus.

So, my advice to all is if you intend to acquire my ebook titles(under author name ‘Dominae Primus’), please do so legally from Amazon.com, Kobobooks.com and other legal ebook retail sites.

Do not attempt to download free ebooks from any dubious sounding free sites especially those which were recently launched. These are phishing sites that will do you harm and a lot of inconvenience. Most phishing sites masquerading as free ebook download sites commenced operations around the first quarter of 2014.

I am disappointed that some parties are attempting to pass off their nefarious schemes under my name (Dominae Primus) and the online retailers(Kobobooks.com and Amazon.com) that I am associated with. I have no contact with free ebook download sites for my commercially released titles unless stated otherwise.

Only Project Gutenberg hosts 5 non commercial titles of mine which were made available globally since 2003.

Thank you for your understanding. Stay prudent and safe in the cyber highway.

Dominae Primus
Author, Thinker & Occasional Poet

30 Sep 2014

Going strictly by the book runs counter to creativity

When I look through a dictionary or glossary of terminology, I am left amused by the exhaustive store of terminology, definitions and classifications. I think if I were to be tutored to create according to a structured system of definitions and their corresponding patterns, I’d be left too numbstruck to even begin.  A parallel scenario would be that of ‘analysis paralysis’.

Writing did not come to me this way. I read almost anything I could lay my hands on. I could sense the techniques and presentation of concepts inherent in those works without having to pore over their names. In many cases, they had no names because I enjoyed numerous works without any accompanying commentary. I loved word play, I loved the effects of built up expectation and even utter surrender to whatever outcome it may be. What I don’t enjoy is confusion and arrested tempo that interferes with the flow of the story and ultimately the level of enjoyment from the point of view of the audience.

I did not learn to compose prose or poetry by combing through exhaustive studies of plot summaries, chapter studies or poetry appreciation. Even though I had formal training at some point in life during my teens, it was by no means comprehensive of every genre. There was no need to tutor me closely on how to comb through a piece of writing. I knew just from selected examples. If one had a reasonable vocabulary and an acute sensibility of textual nuances, a text study is feasible.
However text study and composition do not come hand in hand. There are those who can drive a fine toothcomb over every work but cannot compose their own works if granted the chances to do so. A critic, well acquainted with terminology, well placed quotations and references may not necessarily be the best composer. The best composer may not be the most competent person to elucidate every principle employed.

When it comes to composition, the most vital is to do. Trust your own judgement, spontaneity and instinct when composing. Be your firmest critic when checking over.

When writing I just do so. In turn I gravitated towards what I liked, what impacted most in my consciousness and I kept those elements in my works.
For fiction, I prefer a visual and witty kind of approach. I see the comic or motion picture in my mind. It then comes to life. If it looks like a play or screenplay, it doesn’t make it lesser than a novel or other literary work. Humour is a different kind of beast. It requires appropriate setting, word choice, build up and release.
For non fiction, whatever comes to mind is presented in a logical manner. I try to balance wit, reality, concepts, life experiences with succinct observation. Not necessarily all at once or in that said order.

So, going strictly by the book, adhering to every literary classification can be off putting and restrictive when the aim of composition is to allow lots of room for creativity, freedom and discovery.  With positive effort, minimal interference or the total absence of interference altogether, something will come out of it. 

25 Sep 2014

Ideas not ethnicity and geographical location.

Contests and call for submissions of creative works with conditions that entries submitted highlight certain aspects of ethnicity or geographical location is something that I find very restrictive, personally.

I leave others who are more inclined to write about ethnic diasporas, ethnic identity crisis in a foreign land, communal politics, relationship dynamics in a cultural context etc.

Why do I find conditions that spell the mention/backdrop of ethnicity/cultural context  imposed by such contests and call for submissions restrictive?
To impose the above stated conditions is to alienate the rest who are not so inclined yet are no less talented.
When in search of a talent pool, the set of conditions may actually be the cause of a low rate of participation.
When in search of talent, don’t try to overly impose. It is counter productive to the aim of seeking out creative persons.
The novelty and air of exoticism wears out all to soon. The endeavour runs the risk of rehashing and reinforcing stereotypes and in its course, pigeonholing the authors as well.

My works are deliberately devoid of too much reliance upon ethnicity or too much emphasis on a particular cultural reference. I don’t wish to rest too heavily upon the ethnic crutch and build a reputation based on that. It crams my style.
The idea moves me first. Not appearance, ethnicity or location.

22 Sep 2014

Smart not smut

No right thinking parent would plan to send a child to be educated just so that the child reinvests that education on a library load of objectionable material. 
You didn’t get sent to school so that you can read, watch or collect works that delve on titillations, perversions and illicit affairs.

Granted that human beings in the formative years have an insatiable curiosity, there is no need to be prudish either. Balance is the key. Being equipped with knowledge means being realistic, practical, with responsibility and awareness of consequences in mind to counter cavalier, self-centred, hedonistic behaviour.

A library of smut and questionable material betrays an unhealthy fixation. Suppose a person enjoys the arts with a theme of questionable behaviour and/or offensive depictions running through them, it leaves room for doubt concerning that person’s interests and sanity.

It is disappointing and misleading when prominence and opportunity are accorded to sensationalist smut that taints the annals of human achievement. It is an affront to
genuine effort dedicated towards work and merit.
When the dust settles, the stark fact is that smut is nothing but dressed up dirt.

Be smart not full of smut.

6 Sep 2014

Social Media messes up the narrative and can be a parasite(A broadside at social media)

The matter with social media, the variety that is highly restrictive on the number of words that you can convey, is a hindrance upon expression which curbs the necessary length required to put across a message that is faithful to the original intent/context. Say too little and its full impact is lost.

The variety which restricts and expects messages to be compartmentalised into one picture frame also compromises the context and impact of the original intent. One picture may not necessarily tell the full story.

On both counts above, it is the disruption of the narrative. The form that builds on start, middle and an end with all its elements like premise, suspense, climax and outcome contained within. Social media that restricts rather than encourages expression and communication subverts the subject matter.
The audience receives only aspects of the full story and not its gist. Even the progression of the narrative is disrupted.

Not everyone has a short attention span. People have the capacity to maintain attention and interest. Even elaborations.

Social media is fragmented. Its users have to clamour and grapple with different platforms to put across the same message from the official channel which may be from the official website and/or weblog. This causes additional workload on its users.

Official channels which are unrestrictive such as a weblog and/or website allow full length elaboration and highlights. Is it not easier to have a mailing list and send periodic updates to your established base of interested persons?  Does it not make sense to encourage people to bookmark the website or weblog page and have them return time and time again? Why should work be repeated unnecessarily?
Why go through so many channels in saying the same thing?

Often, social media postings refer to the source and the links point back to the source. So what’s the use of this extraneous step? Why not let us all go straight to the official website or weblog address? Why bother with so many social media sites? Pick one and stick to it.

The most sociable media I’ve ever encountered is the forum format. You can choose to follow/participate a discussion and join in when time allows it. There is no compulsion or immediacy expected. Warts and all, this is a format that does not impose on its users. Even if arguments or attention grabbing headlines occur, just as in real life, things settle into a measured pace once more.

Social media is different. It is impatient. It expects immediate gratification and/or response. I’ve seen quite a lot of social media that is insincere, flippant, coarse and inane. It’s something that many enterprises and persons, without examining the nature of their dealings and business, have allowed themselves to be misled with the mistaken belief that social media is the key to success/relevance. It isn’t always the case. Examine the history and nature of your dealings. Should it be social media or just simple common sense and human touch? Did social media bring you the success that you enjoy today?

Social media thrives on trends. Whoever is popular is king. The popular ones generate interest, followers and are able to attract the attention of advertisers who wish to employ such popular figures to popularise their wares. Nothing based on social media is sustainable.  It is short term and unfaithful. It owes no one anything. It is a parasite that feeds on popularity and shallow mindsets, that popular is best and knows best. Once popularity fades, social media and their legion of willing advertisers feed on the aura of the next fad and the next.

By the time you’re done with the digital parasite that is social media, another one might just crop up and you have to add that to the duty list. That would be a silly way to fritter away time, effort and talent.

A website or weblog is as good a digital presence as any. Use it well, sustain it and it will turn out well eventually. You will even have a digital history.

16 Aug 2014

The Virtual Digital still depends on the Actual

As much as the Internet, digital tools and gadgetry are attractive, they are not substitutes for knowledge, prior knowledge, experience, encounters and memory.

A search on a subject matter becomes easier when you have a point of reference in the form of prior knowledge, memory, a previous experience or encounter. You’re in a better position when you possess those compared to the next person who starts with nothing.

Do not foolishly dismiss or deride old world(historical) and real world knowledge.
They’re the reality and/or the result of previous proceedings that one faces outside the screen.

Passing things around or forwarding them, clicking here and there, may not always translate to action. There are still things that have to be done directly, on the ground where it happens. That’s the reality that virtual reality mimics, with mixed results.

Just because something isn’t on the Internet does not mean that it does not exist.
There is no recorded digital knowledge, prior knowledge, memory, encounter or experience with it. Once there is awareness of its existence, then only will the matter manifest in the digital realm.

One can be relevant, with the ability to move mountains yet be hardly known by one’s presence in the digital media. One can be ubiquitous in the digital realm and still remain trifle.

The Internet is a living encyclopedia, where its contents evolve over time. Although an archived version of its previous incarnation can be found, often it is the latest version that is accessed when a search is made.
Thus, at times information can be manipulated.

Thinking skills such as cross-checking, evidence gathering, logical deduction and having possession of out of print books (deemed old fashioned) will assist in deriving the desired result rather than mere reliance on the digital realm. 

Is it not better to have knowledge within than to have to search for it when you need it most? By all means use the digital and adopt it yet bear in mind that digital is not always superior for it is no substitute for real living, dedication and learning.

13 Aug 2014

Critique of Social Media Mania-addendum

At least an old fashioned press release is a polished piece of writing. Any author worth one's salt will be able to formulate a decent one, for others and when the situation calls for it, for oneself. 

I've generated my own press releases independently. These get read and people do click to find out more. Whether they buy on the spot or wait a little longer, it is hard to ascertain.
But at least it is easier to track readership compared to social media. On purely social media, many see, many read, but only a sprinkling 'like' or 'tweet' and even fewer bother to check things out. 

In the social media sphere, it's like we're all trying to shout out in an already noisy room. A few of those who hear bother to check things out. Most of it is missed because the place is too loud to pick out anything that stands out. It has less to do with quality, but the fact that we are all shouting in an overcrowded noisy space. 

Treat social media as one of the tools in the tool box not as the only tool available.

Explore other options while keeping to your budget and personal values.