25 Nov 2010

Dominae Primus poem dedicated to Mr.Mercury

The Official Queen Fan Club posted my poem dedicated to the memory of Freddie Mercury.
It can be found at this link http://www.queenworld.com/artman/publish/article_1233.shtml

Lover of Life, Singer of Songs-dedicated to Freddie Mercury- a poem by Dominae Primus.
This poem is inspired by Brian May’s tribute to Freddie as inscribed on Freddie’s statue in Montreux, Freddie’s showmanship and the iconic sequences of a Queen concert.

Lover of life singer of songs

With mike and stand he ruled the throng

Heart on sleeve he gave his all

Each gesture the masses enthralled

Where rhythm jousts with vocal prowess

Melody and effects among his powers

His roller-coaster ride spun in songs

On centre-stage his destiny belonged

Well loved for his cheeky craft

In our hearts his memory is cast

With crown and cloak he waved the throng

Lover of life singer of songs