22 Jun 2012

The Free Dom

These links are my Gutenberg.org hosted works of fiction and non-fiction, made available for the reading pleasure of a global audience.  Donated for the cause of literacy and ebook dissemination.  Publishing rights belong to the author. Accepted on artistic merit. Listed since 2002.

NATURAE by Dom(Dominae Primus)
Always wanted to do a Shakespeare without being Shakespeare. This is more philosophical and observational with the Bard’s English in use.  I made a promise to myself back in school while reading Shakespeare that I will write something like this. Enjoy!

PoPHILO by Dom(Dominae Primus)
Thoughts on life and making sense of it between the ages of 20 –30.  Nothing juvenile here!

RHYME AND REASON  by Dom(Dominae Primus)
Poetry and prose. The first volume. Some light. Some more profound.

Poetry and prose. The second volume. Light and heavy.

PRAETOR’S LUNCH by Dom(Dominae Primus)
A Praetor’s thoughts while enjoying one’s repast one fine day, just a few thousand years ago. Thoughts on life, peace and war during the Roman Empire.

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A short cut link is appended below to all my works listed above along with a link to my personal weblog as proof of acknowledgement from Project Gutenberg.