11 Jan 2015

Bring Back The Rhyme!

Though I write both free verse and rhyming verses, to me, the highest art is still verses with rhyme. That displays the skill, wit and subject matter as only a poet through a poem can. Most of my poems too involve rhyme patterns. Here's one I composed to express the greater need for rhyme compared to the loose form of free verse.

Bring back the Rhyme

Have we lost our taste for rhyme?
Woven lines succinct, sublime?
Reduced to moving the heart
With words & sounds formed apart?

How ought are we to preserve?
Wherein we do not observe?
Has rhyme being consigned…
Outlaw, outcast, crime?

Times they have greatly turned
Left us fragments of bridges burned
Have we lost the hallowed heart?
That forms the soul of our art?

Composed by Dominae Primus. 
Published in Daily Doses & Vital Verses. ISBN 978-967-5785-030
Available via Amazon and Amazon affiliates worldwide.
Also available from Kobobooks.com