9 Mar 2015

State Of Mind by Dominae Primus

This particular style of whimsical composition runs the risk of sounding too banal when it assumes an all too conversational style. So I exerted more control, made it more like a composition, not a conversation. I made it tight, mildly digressing and witty. At least I hope so! 
It was once part of an extra for a sampler of my works. Now the sampler has been discontinued. So this tale, 'State Of Mind' needs a home elsewhere. My own blog will do nicely. 
This is my own composition and I fully assert my rights as author for this work. Quote/reproduce partly or in whole with my prior permission. 


By Dominae Primus

A cheeky story of twists and more twists…

I’ve spared a thought, had it stretched as far as I dared and cared. I’ve given it a thought but thinking wants more. I won’t banish the thought since thoughts still welcome me. I won’t start being territorial with thoughts, that will be terrible of me. I gather that doing so makes little sartorial sense. I’m here to speak my mind in a common tongue.
Pay heed, take care. I’ve gone over it thoroughly and I’m not through yet. I’ve thought it over and I’m far from over and close to hover. I’ve made up my mind and it looks pretty good from here.

I’ve spared a penny for your thoughts. While being mindful of inflation, I’ve made an accumulation of sorts. Feel free or feel compelled to add to it. If there’s nothing more, then keep the change. Comes in useful during an Evolution and tends to appreciate during a Revolution. Let the world spin on its axis, whatever the basis, we’ll face this, about face or turn away.  
I’m no one-track mind for I trust subject matter drive this train of thought.

Lose me, then madness embraces and consumes. Madness knows nothing of boundaries between affection and digestion. It cements and dements. My business is minding, sometimes winding along tangents of by the ways, the highways of wheres, twists of whys, turns of revelations, manual banalities of how-tos, courtesies of how-do-you-dos.
I bend during exertion and also to accommodate.

My host claims me as its own, yet the truth is, I am a resident merely. My work makes my host respectable and often I am confused with my host.
What am I ?
I am the Mind.
Body and Soul are my associates. Soul too is in a similar predicament, being claimed by the Body which it inhabits as its own. I don’t bear a brain but a brain bears me, has to bear with me and holds me tightly in a bear hug.

My assertion is no apparition although it may haunt.
With great liberty, you can forswear a Country, Clare can keep her County.
I declare a State of Mind. The State of Mind welcomes the exchange of ideas, transmission of ideals, migration and immigration of thoughts. Asylum is granted to insane suppositions. Entry and Exit checkpoints are situated along the borders of knowledge.

Elsewhere independent nations were formed and declared. Among them were notable nations such as Stagnation, where stag parties and locking horns are commonplace,
Damnation, where the best irrigation experts are channelled, Indoctrination, rich in doctrines with poor outings when it comes to truths, Pollination, a place where flora and fauna bloom with budding sub-nations.

There were states too such as State-of-the Art, populated by the Science of Technology, State-Of-Emergency, where everything is governed by alarm. Monarchy still reigns in the Principality of Principles, with Cardinal truths as its Constitution.

Those mentioned have their detractors, tractors and intractables.
With the arguments swinging on both pros and cons, pros try to pass off as cons for the heck of it as cons try to play pros for their lack of it. The drive towards independence is greased with the practicality of interdependence, geared with bothers of nuisance and paved with virtues of patience.