29 May 2015

Be true to your passion

You’re the odd, misunderstood one.
Sometimes you get the short end of the stick because you’re thought of as an oddity.
Your peers used to think that you’re weird and far out just because you don’t have or share their typical, cookie cutter interests and mentality.
Often times you stay out of the limelight, doing your work and going about it quietly.
You have your passions yet there are so few who actually have similar interests or maybe none at all.

Expect to encounter haters.
Deep down, they actually have issues with themselves.
Expect naysayers.
They’re always rehashing the same old stale routine.

You believe you have something where you can be taught the basics by picking it up through your own effort and also through formal educational channels. However it will be through your own efforts to elevate that passion, allow it to evolve and grow into something greater.
How far that will go, no one knows. Even you do not know.
Yet you believe that as long as there’s life and strength with you in this existence, it is worthwhile and that you will continue to work, be willing to sacrifice and have the courage to go on, with the hope that your efforts will eventually be noticed.

I know that feeling.
I know that person.
I’m that person.
In every generation, there are those like me, like you, like us.
Don’t be afraid to be different or you’ll be too afraid to be yourself.
So keep at it, keep it real, stay true to yourself.