14 Aug 2015

Creative Freedom

If there’s any significant advantage that writers and creative persons have above others is that as long as our faculties are in workable and competent condition, we can carry on as long as possible. So, we can look like hell and still compose good work. If need be, thereafter, do whatever is necessary to look decent before presenting ourselves outside.

11 Aug 2015

Standing up for the creative people

There are sectors of society who shun us for we are deemed the ne’er do wells who sponge off commerce based society’s wealth, the useless and dangerous dreamers and beggars who litter and poison impressionable minds. That is a society that refuses to explore itself from within and without. How poor the soul is through such deprivation and that is the worst beggary of all.

I’m a writer, an artist who works with words. I’m a seeker of truth, spirituality and one who is in tune with one’s own conscience. It aches sometimes, that is when I need to rectify aspects of myself. At other times, my conscience stands tall.

I don’t see any depravity in being a writer, the artist with words and choosing to be one.
All I needed was the material, the sparks and constant awakening with a realisation that this is indeed my destined path. I’m an artist and I owe no one any apology for being what I am.