2 May 2016

Thoughts on creativity - on poetry

When you’re a poet faced with the many words that come to us immediately in thought and conversation, it is too easy to rhyme with the obvious. Since a poet is an artist with a considerable vocabulary, we owe it to ourselves to press on and go for a higher challenge while still keeping the subject matter accessible and fun to readers.

When I was starting out, it was too easy to just mesh all the obvious words one after another. That was just an initial stage. When you get better at it, there is a yearning for a different challenge and to see if you can make things interesting while peeling through the next stage of creativity that lies within oneself.

If you have a point of reference or points of reference or perhaps someone whose body of work inspires you to be an even better version of yourself, then see what it is that moves you so. Strive to emulate, not imitate.

During creative activity, never forget the element of engagement with the readers, the fun it invokes, the wit or beauty of construction that creates an impression, the type that lingers on in mind, heart and soul long after the first encounter.

It’s hard work and requires much thought. The finished, polished work, the version that you’re satisfied with is worth the effort.