28 Jun 2016

Making the best out of what we are given.

Would I say that I go where the wind takes me? If that is so I wouldn’t have progressed to this point.
I was not dealt the most ideal of circumstances or the pick of opportunities. It’s making the best of situations that have enabled me to survive, eating lots of humble pie and sweating to make a living in the process. There isn’t much that anyone can tell me about suffering for art or anything else that drives you. 

I’ve made the best of what was dished out to me by making do, then expanding more than what was expected, sometimes even surprising myself.
I’m here now reaching out to readers and communicating to them in a language that they understand even though we come from diverse geographical regions and also having a track record of work that can be cross referenced in my name. The nature of work that I could only dream about when I was starting to appreciate words on magical pages years ago. That’s a decent haul by any standards.

Ethnicity has nothing to do with it.

Stop equating ethnicity with abilities or propensities. It is discriminatory, presumptuous and pandering to badly constructed clich├ęs. Worse still is the practice of reinforcing those ill conceived beliefs. 

Perhaps those who think so come from tightly regulated, homogeneous and highly insular communities, where contact and exposure to diversity had been minimal.

Why should our abilities be dictated by ethnicity?
Why should our interests be dictated by ethnicity?
Why should patterns of thought be dictated by ethnicity? 

If humanity were to be so easily measured, then we’d all turn out according to a scripted and predetermined outcome. However, existing and existence is a lot more unpredictable and far more complex than that.

27 Jun 2016

My lot and the roses

If one insists that my lot in life is a bed of roses, then allow me to agree. It is however not what the conventional context suggests. In this bed of roses, I’ve had to dodge the edge of thorns that emerge when least expected. I’ve had to tread on the stems and swerved along the leaves. The blooms, constructed by petals upon petals were hard fought labours. Toil that required patience, skill, efforts and strokes of serendipity. So if one asks, it is a bed of roses, leaves, thorns and stems. As in any flower bed, it required care and upkeep to retain its decent state. The flower bed is sane and so is the person who tends it.

Talent versus skills

Talent is not an assembly line. Sheer numbers do not guarantee an expected rate of yield. Talent is a rare creature as opposed to skills where the masses can be schooled and instructed according to conventions.  Too many times, it is the least expected and the most overlooked corners that yield the rarest of talents. Through ambitious planning, it is possible to cultivate skills on a massive scale. However when talent is fused with skills, the worth of a minority is finer than a common majority.

21 Jun 2016


Our values change as we evolve while some values remain the same.
What means much to you now may not mean so much in future. Vice-versa.
Changing values do not necessarily mean moral depravity. 
It may mean a readjustment and a realignment of priorities, belief and change in circumstances.
What you essentially are and the tenets that steer your course in life, those remain the longest, They may even never alter.

Intellectual oppression

Intellectual oppression. This occurs when previous findings and knowledge are lauded, to the extent that along the course of time, end up thrust unto the status of sacred findings, too powerful and too respected ever to be questioned. So much so that others who come after are barred from ever questioning even if they are able to present a valid basis of argument. 

What others are allowed to do is mere regurgitation with no freedom to create their own work. That is the death of innovation and the decline of thought. That is intellectual oppression. 

The founders, discoverers and makers, never meant to oppress. But in their name, oppression is committed. Do not hate the founders, discoverers and makers if it is instead a dogmatic regime empowered to produce generations of compliant scholars while at the same, emplaced in a position of power that exerts intellectual oppression of unparalleled magnitude.

When questioning is done based on logical basis, it breaks the vicious ingrained negativity of intellectual oppression.