9 Jun 2016

About the best you can possibly be

I was first set out to be best among my peers. Then best in my school, best in another school and later among the best in the country. But that wasn’t enough and I realised that there can be no end to this proving and contesting in formal examinations. 

All the time the yearning to create resonated within my consciousness. I wanted to be free from merely studying to creating. Academia isn’t my passion. Based on my exposure to writers and poets before me I set out to give them a run for their words. How often in the past I would pore over a line or verse or composition, promising myself that one day I will go on and create something like this, but with my own identity. Unfazed by the differences in eras and circumstances, I told those long gone writers and poets, “One day I’ll be able to do what you have done”.

Clearly I wasn’t exactly scholarly material in the pure sense. I’m creatively inclined. Not bad for someone who had passion, worked on it, believed truly in oneself and defied the odds that I could emulate those before me and carve out my own originality in the process.

I wasn’t really aiming at being the best geographically. Instead, it’s all about being the best I can possibly be. That’s what keeps me going all these years.