20 Jun 2016

End of discontent

To be content means that there isn’t anything that bothers us so much that we cannot sleep at night or that something bothers us so to the extent that we consider ourselves unfulfilled if we do not achieve something that according to our mindset, will make us happy. 

I made a decision to eliminate one form of discontent. For something that is reliant on some other person’s subjective judgement, I leave it all open. What I can control are my own actions, choices and work quality. Other than that, there isn’t much I can do to change another person’s mind which might already be set in the first place. I cannot do much even with my best efforts to overhaul a system that is already flawed in the first place, where its machinations are already stacked against my very best efforts even if I tried to play by the rules. So for not resting my hopes on someone else’s judgement entirely, I do not feel unfulfilled. 

So it may be unheralded, unsung, unknown to many. Yet it was a herculean effort behind it all before my oeuvre came to be. But I’ve stopped being so bothered about being picked over a bunch of others. I will just let loose on platforms that I choose to disseminate and make my work known.