8 Jun 2016

Existential trap

To me it’s the ongoing process of living day-to-day without examination of our lot as if we’re locked in an automatic mode. Performing the usual tasks, seeing to the same routine like an automaton without much thought to the impact of our contributions and the possibilities that are open to our talents, expertise or strengths.  

To inject a fillip to that dull drone of existence requires goals. It could be something straightforward to complex, ranging from short term to long term.  From humble to lofty. It really depends on the individual.
The difficulty is not so much achievement of goals per se although achievement of goals by their nature, demand effort and dedication from us. Rather it is falling into the dull drone of existence upon achievement of our goals. That is an existential trap.

To avoid such pitfalls, we have a need to constantly assess what we seek in life and set new goals for ourselves. There’s a lot that I’ve done with my time in this dimension. There’s a lot more that can be done if I’m granted more time and windows of opportunity.
My full time occupation may centre around a routine. That doesn’t mean that my train of thought has to centre around a set routine or form. The very reason why I enjoy creative composition is because their gist is not dictated by routines. My creative pursuits do not always resonate with conventional professions or activities either. Besides paid work, I’ve taken many other non-payment routes which have become my digital legacy.

Find your way out of the existential trap.
Strive for something that truly excites your very being to action!