12 Jun 2016

I play the fool like a court jester

I’ve composed a considerable number of short articles that revolve around my favourite musician. Meant to be entertaining with a nod to both fact and fiction, they have been a source of amusement to me as the author and also to my audience who read those compositions.
Although bizarre at times, a humorous tone is always the main element even when mild satire is involved. I have always ensured that my subject matter and anyone who is named in relation in those articles are treated with respect. Furthermore I post such material at official channels therefore such material come under the watchful eyes of site administrators and moderators.
I’m not an iconoclast. I’m a humorist. The textual equivalent of a court jester who plies the passages of real life references intertwined with creative elements in order to generate situational and imaginative anecdotal comedy.

You can joke about your gracious host and still be welcome. You can say that I’ve behaved well enough to dodge the slicing arc of the hatchet!