21 Jun 2016

Intellectual oppression

Intellectual oppression. This occurs when previous findings and knowledge are lauded, to the extent that along the course of time, end up thrust unto the status of sacred findings, too powerful and too respected ever to be questioned. So much so that others who come after are barred from ever questioning even if they are able to present a valid basis of argument. 

What others are allowed to do is mere regurgitation with no freedom to create their own work. That is the death of innovation and the decline of thought. That is intellectual oppression. 

The founders, discoverers and makers, never meant to oppress. But in their name, oppression is committed. Do not hate the founders, discoverers and makers if it is instead a dogmatic regime empowered to produce generations of compliant scholars while at the same, emplaced in a position of power that exerts intellectual oppression of unparalleled magnitude.

When questioning is done based on logical basis, it breaks the vicious ingrained negativity of intellectual oppression.