28 Jun 2016

Making the best out of what we are given.

Would I say that I go where the wind takes me? If that is so I wouldn’t have progressed to this point.
I was not dealt the most ideal of circumstances or the pick of opportunities. It’s making the best of situations that have enabled me to survive, eating lots of humble pie and sweating to make a living in the process. There isn’t much that anyone can tell me about suffering for art or anything else that drives you. 

I’ve made the best of what was dished out to me by making do, then expanding more than what was expected, sometimes even surprising myself.
I’m here now reaching out to readers and communicating to them in a language that they understand even though we come from diverse geographical regions and also having a track record of work that can be cross referenced in my name. The nature of work that I could only dream about when I was starting to appreciate words on magical pages years ago. That’s a decent haul by any standards.