31 Jul 2016

Hung up over literary awards

Although I have seen many works lauded and such, I’m not inspired as to go out and buy them simply because of their premise. The matter with literary awards is such that they expect writers to be a certain sort of people and a certain style or content.  I am totally done with coming to terms with identity, having to rely on my multi-cultural ethnic origins and squeezing an imagined story of my forefathers for a tale. In fact, if we continue lauding tales of coming to grips with identity based on ethnicity, culture, religion and such, (the sort that I consider depressing literature and all too often adopted as part of text for literary studies) we overlook the greater picture that in seeking a common ground for humanity and an identity for oneself, the more we remove the things that divide us, the more in common we have.

There are only a few books that were best sellers of recent past that truly resonate with me because of their universal values. Why not laud a well-written work of humour or action without particularly placing any emphasis on any particular region, creed, ethnic origin?

I'm hung up over literary awards and parading of authors who wear their ethnic origins as a selling point. 

I do not wake up and start thinking what a person of my birthplace, ethnicity or cultural surroundings should do. I think of what a decent being with feelings and a brain ought to do. Most of my major decisions made are bereft of considerations regarding ethnicity, religion, cultural context and gender bias. They only come in when the matter involves them.

I write because I have yet to see such a book written. Regardless if whether I get a prize or not, whether I sell many copies or not. If literary glory means having to write a depressing story and squeeze every ounce out of my exotic origins and imagined stories of my forefathers, I’ll pass up that prize and that glory. I can only be true to myself, not what a panel of judges expect me to be. 

10 Jul 2016

Vouch for your own work by rendering it

For compositions involving rendering of written material such as text meant as part of a video voice-over, the composition of text communication is such that the work will have to adhere to the arrangement of a another medium, such as graphical display, musical score and time frame allocated for a particular sequence. For spoken communication, the best form of a test run is the author rendering the written work within the said time frame. From test runs, editing performed wherever applicable, ensures a smoother enunciation of syllables and words from the perspective of the party that is supposed to render the item for the final version. That is a practical method to vouch for your own work. Often just between the four walls and myself, the conclusion is obvious. It is I who had to determine the suitability and practical aspects of my own compositions by rendering it myself before turning it over to the client, which I’ve done so.

1 Jul 2016

Heart of poetry

Poetry in its purest sense is when subject matter is presented through a tight arrangement celebrating rhyme, rhythm, syllable count and expression of subject matter by utilising a fitting display of word choice and placement. For critical appreciation of poetry, the basics such as alliteration, onomatopoeia, rhyme, assonance and rhythm are considered. Others such as twist of speech, symbolism, literary and figurative meanings are also considered even though not every element mentioned is necessarily incorporated in every poem.

It is the competent poet who composes with a musical ear for words and in well framed verses.  That is the celebrated heights of poetry. Should that poetry be turned into song depends on its suitability with a piece of music should one exist as the ideal match. The very idea that poetry should mainly be expressed in rhyme form is expressed in rhyme through my own composition.

Bring back the Rhyme

Have we lost our taste for rhyme?
Woven lines succinct, sublime?
Reduced to moving the heart
With words & sounds formed apart?

How ought are we to preserve?
Wherein we do not observe?
Has rhyme being consigned…
Outlaw, outcast, crime?

Times they have greatly turned
Left us fragments of bridges burned
Have we lost the hallowed heart?
That forms the soul of our art?

Composed by Dominae Primus. 
All rights reserved.
Published in Daily Doses & Vital Verses
ISBN 978-967-5785-030

Free verse and relations

Almost anyone can write free verse if they are indeed inspired put words on paper. 
When you string the very best free verses together, you get beautiful prose or prose with poetic overtones.
I’ve written prose. I then broke them into selected fragments and thereby transforming the composition into free verse. Perhaps what I’ve done was extreme but it did reinforce my point. Conversely, I’ve also composed free verse without prior composition of prose. Free verse is closer in style to prose or in its simpler, direct form, closer to spoken communication.

Chicken and egg, lyrics and music

Lyrics and music is like a chicken and egg question. For some the music comes before words. For others, words before music. There is no definite formula that works for everyone. It doesn’t matter which comes first. As long the as final result is a captivating piece of music and words, the composition has achieved its intention.