1 Jul 2016

Heart of poetry

Poetry in its purest sense is when subject matter is presented through a tight arrangement celebrating rhyme, rhythm, syllable count and expression of subject matter by utilising a fitting display of word choice and placement. For critical appreciation of poetry, the basics such as alliteration, onomatopoeia, rhyme, assonance and rhythm are considered. Others such as twist of speech, symbolism, literary and figurative meanings are also considered even though not every element mentioned is necessarily incorporated in every poem.

It is the competent poet who composes with a musical ear for words and in well framed verses.  That is the celebrated heights of poetry. Should that poetry be turned into song depends on its suitability with a piece of music should one exist as the ideal match. The very idea that poetry should mainly be expressed in rhyme form is expressed in rhyme through my own composition.

Bring back the Rhyme

Have we lost our taste for rhyme?
Woven lines succinct, sublime?
Reduced to moving the heart
With words & sounds formed apart?

How ought are we to preserve?
Wherein we do not observe?
Has rhyme being consigned…
Outlaw, outcast, crime?

Times they have greatly turned
Left us fragments of bridges burned
Have we lost the hallowed heart?
That forms the soul of our art?

Composed by Dominae Primus. 
All rights reserved.
Published in Daily Doses & Vital Verses
ISBN 978-967-5785-030