10 Jul 2016

Vouch for your own work by rendering it

For compositions involving rendering of written material such as text meant as part of a video voice-over, the composition of text communication is such that the work will have to adhere to the arrangement of a another medium, such as graphical display, musical score and time frame allocated for a particular sequence. For spoken communication, the best form of a test run is the author rendering the written work within the said time frame. From test runs, editing performed wherever applicable, ensures a smoother enunciation of syllables and words from the perspective of the party that is supposed to render the item for the final version. That is a practical method to vouch for your own work. Often just between the four walls and myself, the conclusion is obvious. It is I who had to determine the suitability and practical aspects of my own compositions by rendering it myself before turning it over to the client, which I’ve done so.