21 Aug 2016

It takes effort to create and courage to release it

It's always harder upon the creator, the party that has taken the bold step to present one's work to everyone. The party that has taken the step to present one's work is vulnerable to any sort of reception that may come one's way. It requires courage to take that risk and plunge through with resolve.

The audience, critics and reviewers are shielded in the shadows of their collective anonymity, based on their sheer numbers. For those more intellectual ones, reinforced by their scholarly attainments, it is akin to a licence with which to cross examine and go over with a fine tooth comb every aspect of the work in question, presented to them. It does not take much courage to criticise and review. However the difference between a good review and a bad one is reflected by the effort expended and substance behind the verdict.

Even so, I'd rather be the creator and generator. You get used to that vulnerability. You do not feel the sudden surging frisson brought on by the realisation of the impact of this act of risk taking upon one's reputation because it is something that you have thought through thoroughly.