14 Aug 2016


The global warming effect is undeniable. Everywhere there are reports of unusual weather and warmer than average temperatures. Floods, droughts, baking temperatures, falling crop yields, price hikes, suffering of the general populace. Regular weather patterns become irregular. Just the thought that humanity has made a mess of its own habitat is horrifying. I set out to write a poem and ended up with this composition. It's urgent that humanity arrests itself and corrects the course that we have taken. Assuming that there are other extra terrestrial beings, I don't think as intelligent beings, we'd want to be known as the silliest lot in the universe.

Redemption (clarion call to Humanity)

How we overlook might of Creation!
How light and shadow bring fruition!
Wrapped up so with the day’s business
Oblivious to all we bear witness

Circadian cycle of miracles
That render all around possible
Dark and cold, light and heat, come and go
Night curtains set in motion dawn’s glow

We forgot to treasure constancy
We forgot to cherish normalcy
A greater hand overall dictates
Yet the unmindful mind hesitates

Need we wait for nature to rebel
Before we see our errors swell?
There’s still redemption for us in sight
If we waken soon to turn the tide

Copyright Dominae Primus

All rights reserved. 2016