25 Sep 2016

What comes after the extraordinary?

Even after achieving something extraordinary, what comes after? After encountering miracles what comes after?  If you're a mortal you continue with the business of living of course! Seeing to routine matters and if need be, extraordinary matters along the way. You take it all in stride and do the best you can in the given context. If you're the divine or the saint, you continue with your miracles.If you're the maker or doer of extraordinary things, you go on with whatever you do best. To both witness and originator, life, existence and reason for being resume.

19 Sep 2016

Learn from enduring values

It is strange that there are those who consider a book or composition life changing or inspiring when the person, the source itself is a work in progress and far from complete in that respect. Taking direction and inspiration from someone who isn’t sure of oneself, is subject to a changing stance is a flawed model. Look for universal truths, principles that endure the test of time as your moral compass (if you so wish) and reference. It is only logical that when the navigation system is working well, you’re on the right path. The same goes with drawing direction, example and inspiration in your personal life path.