7 Nov 2016

There’s no pleasing all, not now, not ever.

It’s obvious that from our interaction with others, there’s no pleasing all that we encounter.

Is there still time to make another attempt without compromising my core values or going contrary to my reliable instincts?

Would it be better to just let the dissenters while leaving enough space between us to keep the peace?

Is this a zero sum outcome? If so can I live with it by having a clear conscience because I did whatever possible given the circumstances? 

Ask ourselves those questions, before we move on or decide to give it another try.

Even with our best intentions, there’s no avoiding different viewpoints that range from partial to significant with every possibility that the twain shall never meet.

2 Nov 2016

Seeker not scholar

I would never consider myself a scholar. I wasn’t a standard fit into that mould. I disagree with the conventional paths of education that form the rigours of scholarship progression. 
I prefer exploration and remaking convention if established conventions oppress instead of enable.   

I would immerse myself in matters if they pique my interest and become as well versed as possible in such subject matter.  I was most inspired to delve into study, observe, support my statements with facts and interpretations based on available material if all that effort could take me closer towards the understanding of the human psyche or a spiritual matter that bridges the earthly and unearthly. I’m as competent as any practitioner and scholar in that sense. 

Even if you’re not a scholar, you’re not necessarily a fool. If you have a healthy balance of logic and imagination with a general curiosity about all else around, there’s a lot you can accomplish. You might even surprise yourself.