23 Jan 2017

To be a good winner, be a good loser first.

It is far easier to play the winner than the vanquished.  To be a good winner who is predominant, we will do well to be a gracious, courageous loser as well. The tables turn and fortunes change hands. When the hour of victory and great spoils are in our hands, do we turn into tyrants or do we take the benevolent path towards the betterment of all within our sphere of influence?  A long suffering wronged victim thaws out of the ice of isolation with newly acquired prestige and power which he wields like a cudgel to beat others into submission. He takes upon himself the easy path of destruction by perpetuating another cycle of victimization and intimidation. He has not risen above the trappings where power and wealth corrupts his actions. This person if he descends again into the pit of destruction, should not be given another free rein to rise again if ever, unless stringent checks and balances are exerted upon him, like a parole review board would upon a convicted long term felon. Meanwhile, there is every chance in his haste to brow beat others, he too will be brought down by his own doing sprung from his own hubris, by forces known and unknown to him.