7 Mar 2017

Rhyme And Reason Volume Two. Free Download.


Companion to RHYME and REASON. Compilation of poetry and prose. Poems comprising rhyming verse and free verse. Prose in a series of short articles and commentary. Ideal format for light reading. Can be portioned easily for readers on the move and also those who wish to finish in one sitting. An accompaniment for the bedside and also in between tasks as a break from daily routine.

Available in different digital formats. Personally I recommend that readers download the MSWord  compatible RTF and/or plain text whichever is available. Download for free at this link:
Hosted at Gutenberg.org
Project Gutenberg: An ebook project that promotes global literacy founded at the University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign, USA with mirror sites in universities and organisations across the globe. I am the original author of the said work.

My association with the University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign began with the vetting, appraisal and acceptance of my literary compositions based on quality, merit and originality by two founding academics responsible for the founding and management of the Project Gutenberg - global archive. One was Founding Professor, the late Michael Stern Hart and his associate Dr. Gregory Newby.  Project Gutenberg accepted my works based on quality, merit and originality.
Besides the University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign(USA) hosting my works, they are also available in mirror sites in North America, Asia and Europe.

These include online resources/digital libraries at:

The University of Florida(USA)
Michigan State University(USA)
Ball State University at Muncie,Indiana(USA)
Dalhousie University(Canada)
The University of Waterloo(Canada)
Universidade do Minho(Portugal)
University of Rome(Italy)
University of Adelaide(Australia)
In addition my works are available to staff and students of UNISA(University of South Australia)
Swedish University Computer Network(SUNET)