25 Apr 2017

With every passing year

There will be no cause to question ourselves or be anxious about what we have done with our lives if our conscience is clear about the amount of effort invested, lessons learned and attainments gained. Don’t let the realisation of years on your back sideline you towards feeling guilty, unworthy or worthless when you have done the best you can in the given circumstances and the corresponding choices made. It’s not a game of keeping up with the rest. It’s keeping your spirits up, improving your game while perfecting the art of who you are and your eventual legacy.

24 Apr 2017

Healing is the way towards Inner Peace.

If some matter in the distant past to recent past is bothering you and hounding your empty hours at leisure, it is time to sit down and evaluate it properly. There will be emotions washing over you, emotions you thought had long gone. If unattended they will return and hurt as much as the day it happened. Too often, if you busy yourself with work or other matters as the days, months and years pass by, just to cover it up and stifle them, these little ghosts of the past will return when things are tied up and finished. Don’t wait until you’re frail or too old before confronting them. Bite the bullet and be healed gradually rather than avoiding it and later being overcome by unfathomable hurt and grief which might spiral out of control and consume the better part of you. Don’t ever let that happen. With your resources and willpower, make time to realise what happened, acknowledge you cannot undo the past, seek ways of healing the parts of your anguished mental state with logic and empathy.

Not everyone has the same issues, but everyone deserves to be healed so that there’s closure to their issues. Your personal mental health is closely tied with your inner peace. Get help from professionals if you must or if you’re confident of going it alone, go ahead and do it. Don’t wait or procrastinate. Inner peace is worth fighting the pain and healing yourself so that you may attain it. Stay strong. Be brave. Heal yourself. Finally attain inner peace and be at peace.