30 May 2017

Impression Of The Painter's Work

Every swirl, daub and dash count
Whose thoughts and efforts they recount
Beauty magnified by prosaic
Its charm towards we gravitate

Much more than a pretty image
Of subtle and overt carriage
Mirror of mythic proportion
Exalted and tales of caution

Copyright Dominae Primus

An Isle Most Fair

Fields verdant, glens spacious
Folk pleasant, hearts gracious
Of folklore entwined tapestry
Fiction and factual history

Down to earth folk and lovely brogue
Wit and lilt whenever they spoke
Pleasant county fairs and counties fair
Many wares, the other made aware

Here they know Camus from Seamus
Here they know Bailey from Sally
Merriment and flowing taps turn
Nary a soul that’s taciturn

A land that shares its treasure
Moved hearts and minds to venture
where learned ideas, science and arts
Spurred the progress of many parts

Pride of place encircled by tide
A sense of place with homely pride
Humour amuses and disarms
Land of Muses and many charms

Copyright Dominae Primus

18 May 2017

The Foundation

If a hypothesis can hold its own in ordinary and extraordinary circumstances, then it has a bright chance of being elevated to a universal principle.  If not, then at best, its relevance is limited to particular situations. At worst, spurious.


Once you realise that your happiness and wellbeing has nothing to do with the opinions and validation of strangers, you’ll find that suffering through disappointment, anguish and insecurity is swiftly dissipated.