31 Jul 2017

A slow burning Eureka!

Look around after what you’ve done. There’s nothing else much left to prove if you’ve set out what you intended in the first place.
I’m very happy with my recent poems because I’ve come to that state of tightly wound rhyming and unpretentiousness while still adhering to the worded turns and finesse of my favourite era, the 19th Century. It was a time to me when poetry was at its peak of its evolution, when it was truly word music and greatly appreciated.

It didn’t take that long.  I don’t have to wait a lifetime. I was 14 going on 15, huddled in a corner of the bookshelf and reading through classical works of poetry, then willing and wishing to myself that one day, I’ll be just like those poets who could produce works of rhyming grace and meaning. Free verse did not appeal so greatly to me. It looked far simpler than the musical, meaningful, phrasal twists and turns of rhyming verses. I had a notion of free verse way back in primary school and later in secondary school. I wrote an early free verse that was submitted as an entry in my school magazine. I don’t have that copy anymore and I don’t miss it. Scatter thoughtfully constructed lines and break them up for maximum effect line by line while adhering to the subject matter. Today I can do much better than what I did back then. In fact I’d rather make it into a rhyming poem.

Although I’ve written free verse, the call to compose rhyming verse is much stronger. My output of rhyming verse far outweighs that of free verse. You have to build up your vocabulary first. Get exposed to different poets and their styles to determine your preferred approach. Rhyming verses, to me are the pinnacle of poetic artistry. If you’re truly a poet, a word player and word weaver, your prowess and maturity is proven in rhyming verse.

I started writing rhyming quatrains and couplets in my late twenties. Rediscovering that joy and beauty of poetry. I never looked back and have kept on since. If I get a notion for an idea, I’ll express it. I have no idea of the rhyme pattern before I start. When I make the first few lines, the arrangement starts to develop itself until completion. I didn’t want to stress too much on the iambic or trochaic meter. To dwell too strictly on meter might mean a constraint on the effect of the intended message. So I’m more liberal in that aspect. I am very particular in syllable count and adherence to rhyme pattern. You don’t need to be a B.A. or M.A. holder to be able to compose poetry. All you need is a lot of heart as in determination, effort and sheer belief. Being a natural, exposed to the basics and diversity helps a great deal. I am a natural. I know myself.
It’s the same as being a musician or artist. You don’t need to go for a degree or advanced degree before becoming a musician or artist. You can very well do that at your own pace. Also being a natural with exposure to the basics and diversity helps a great deal.

It’s not a sudden dawning of realisation. Rather it is a steady evolutionary process.
A slow burn climax to Eureka! Then life goes on if a higher power permits.