9 Jul 2017

Boadicea - lyrics project

This was part of a birthday book effort back in 2002. This one concerns Boadicea, the tragic warrior Queen. Enya made this an instrumental with her humming the main melody. This is Boadicea with words if it had been sung.  A slight shortening of the hummed line to make singing easier. An additional verse is added before the bridge. The bridge part is left as a hum. Then finish off with the last two verses.

Original composition and recording by Enya.
version with proposed words by Dom.

I was born a pawn
into games of intrigue spun
yet I defied
the armies of might
my lifelong plight

my blood is fraught
with steel of warring hordes
we who claim
this spanning land of birth
invading ships are berthed

my enemies at hand near
I have no more fear
all my tears
are buried with my cause
a cause that now is lost

I shall neither kneel
or plead cowardly appeal
one swallow now
let poison take its toll
they shall not claim my soul

my name is feared
in fearful minds I sear
even as I lie
flesh for the God of War
no bearers for my pall
no bearers for my pall (repeat until end)

Thanks to Enya for the inspiration. Dominae Primus 2002.