13 Jul 2017

THE MISSING LINE – lyrical bit

The title of the song, ‘Love Making Love’ is sure to attract attention. Written and recorded by Freddie Mercury.  It’s a very striking demo recording with a strong melody. The only thing that I find lacking is the missing line when Freddie vocalises one portion. It’s such a pity this almost perfect demo recording never was included in Freddie’s solo album ‘Mr Bad Guy’ in 1985.  

Many of us know just where to go for a listen to songs online. You can easily pick out the titles mentioned in this blog and judge for yourselves. 

After the first chorus, we have this verse:

Don't get into no bad ways
'Cos life goes on
No wedding plans you can't take
The fight goes on
Oh secret love affair
Waiting unawares

[vocalisations] the proposed lyric line is:  
searing compulsion of love where does it go ?